Sarah leaning towards the camera smiling wearing a white dress

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Yes, I've been at it again, ordering more clothes from Femme Luxe! But this time I don't have any loungewear or slogan tees in sight! Instead, I've decided to try out their dresses. 

Photo shows three girls jumping up in joy and smiling

*Many thanks to Kristina of People Of Harrogate for all the photos in this post!*

Two years ago I wrote this post 'Having No Friends Is One Of The Hardest Things To Admit'  where I talked about not having a large friendship group and being lonely when I first arrived in Harrogate. 

Sarah sitting on a couch holding a cup of coffee wearing a black t shirt that says No Place Like Home

AD - Post contains PR Products. 

If you read my previous loungewear post you'll know that I'm late to the loungewear party but I've been loving trying out the sets from Femme Luxe. It felt good to have something to lounge around in without sacrificing comfort. 
Farmhouse Restaurant in Harrogate Frontage

In the UK, restaurants and cafes were allowed to re-open again after being shut for 4 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Working in hospitality myself, I have been feeling their pain and have been eagerly awaiting their return. 

AD - post contains PR products.

Having just tried everything on I am pleasantly surprised to find that not only does everything fit well but that it feels really nice as well? I genuinely thought there wouldn't be anything available for a midsize babe whose put on a weight during lockdown! 
WUKA Wear Period Pants

My history with WUKA Wear

I have been using WUKA period wear for a year now and I have to say I am so pleased I decided to try them out and then make the change to sustainable period underwear.

Since I first ventured into the world of period underwear and having an eco-friendly period, I can quite confidently say that my period has changed for the better. I am becoming more and more aware of my body and flow since there is nothing getting between the menstrual blood and my body. 
Father's Day Gifts On A Table

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Not all products featured are strictly *vegan* here - obviously the Mead has honey in it and Yardley's is CF, but it is not certified *vegan*. 

Father's Day 2020 is almost upon us and whilst we're still in lockdown that's no reason why you can't still send a little something to the person who means the most to you. 

Nowadays families come in all shapes and sizes, not everyone has a typical 'normal' family dynamic so don't think of this as a gift guide just for Father's, these gifts work equally well for anyone who has been there for you in any capacity during lockdown, or even before.

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OK so first up, what does SEO actually mean!? SEO simply stands for 'Search Engine Optimisation' and is the way Google (for example) organises the results based off of what you're searching for.  

As you may (or may not!) have noticed, I've been a busy little baking bee during lockdown and have been trying out a couple of recipes. I absolutely love to bake and whenever I've been bored in the past, you could more often than not find me in the kitchen whipping up a Victoria Sponge or a batch of cupcakes or two!