I'm new at this!

Hi there!!

This is my first blog so please be gentle with me! Am hoping to somehow share my Fantasy Shopper Outfits with you all!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE fantasy shopper! Have been playing since November last year and I have become addicted, quite quickly!!! hehe! 

(www.fantasyshopper.com) It is a fantastic place where you can buy items from real shops-which you can also buy for real!!!-with fantasy money and create outfits! The best thing is that you're not spending real money and can buy anything you want (as long as you have enough fs money!) Your fashion inspiration can go anywhere and take you everywhere!!! ;0) 

This is my latest outfit creation: http://www.fantasyshopper.com/outfits/4f568862e854842c31000074/?channel_id=26 

 http://www.fantasyshopper.com/outfits/4f5660e4a6c035bf5a000012/?channel_id=26  This is a nice expensive outfit........one of my fave things abt FS!!!! hehe!!!! ;P xoxo

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