a little poem about Fantasy Shopper ! ! !

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My Fantasy Shopper Poem!

My shoes are blue,
My payday's almost due and
My battery's almost dead!

You'll love it they said,
Are you sure I asked?
Yes of course they chimed!!

I went and logged on,
Within minutes £60 arrived.....
I needed a wardrobe,
Clothes and bags and shoes and stuff,

So off I went,
To London Town,
New Look, Debenhams, Harrods perhaps.......

I filled my basket with 16 items,
All different colours, styles, designs,
Some I'd never tried, or dared to even dream,
that they would ever end up in a wardrobe of mine,
Speaking of which, it's getting full.......

An upgrade is needed,
More paydays to collect, but
To save up now
and win a badge.....

.......or splurge it all now on the Business Suit??
Decisions decisions not so easy to make...
Get it all now for payday's only an hour away!!!!

An event is here, quick best see,
Is the criteria easy or is there a budget??
A red dress is needed,
Pink shoes, black bag !!

Create it, enter it, let it be loved,
Scroll through the outfits
give them a like, or even a heart.....

If you're lucky you might even win,
Or maybe end up in the top 2 or 3!!!
The more hearts you get,
the more ££££ you have to spend....

Now I'm addicted,
Spending all day shopping online
But not to worry,
It's only Fantasy Shopper !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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