ok ok things seem to be sorted now!!!

Hello there!!!!

Right, think I've got this sussed now as I've managed to add in the sidebars and widgets to my Blog showcasing my latest/randomised outfits, items purchased etc etc!!! Here;s hoping you like the new features! Think I might also see if I can get a 'I own it in real life' pic or link up as there are a few things sitting in wardrobe thanks to FS that I otherwise wouldn't of bought.........perhaps that's a bad thing?!?!?!

I am putting the link to my Blog everywhere so hopefully more people will see it, read it, comment upon it and generally just love it!!!

Right I best be off now, I have some REAL (!!!) work to do!!! Haha!!!

Love ya laters, all you non-Fs-ers!!!!!! ;D xoxoxoxoxo

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