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Friday, 13 April 2012

Hello there!!!! ;D 
Had a little trying session in Select this afternoon, took a few items in with me some of which I don't usually go for but I thought you might like to see them!!! ;D 

  I loved this neon bright jumper, I teamed it with a black bandeau top (a bargin at only £2.50!) and a pair of flowery shorts but I'm sure it would look better (on me!) with longer shorts/leggings or even a skirt!

Loved these two!! I am tempted to buy the yellow one, think it was only £14!

 I like the colour of this top and think it would look good teamed with white linen trousers and the black bandeau underneath :)

I also tried on this flowery top again with the bandeau underneath, not quite sure abt this one tho! 

Finally, these were the shorts. They are £14 and quite short actually!! Not quite my style really as I prefer something a little longer, but I needed some bottoms to try on with the tops! I do find that Select come up a bit small on me so if I want bottoms, I need to go up a size which is why I don't often buy from here! :)

SSSoooooo.......that's it for my mini fashion moment!! 

Let me know what you think and what you'd like to see more/less of!! Thank You Very Much for reading!!! ;) Sunshine :) 

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