New Jumper (!) and Decisons Decisions...............

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New Jumper!!!

 So, this is what I bought during my mooch around the high-street today!! A pink jumper from Peacocks, in the sale at £9! Bargin! I had actually seen it when it was full price and thought it was nice so today when I saw it was reduced I had to buy it!!! 

In the heart, it says "Fashion Studio 6th Avenue New York 1964"

 It has turned up cuffs and as I got a size bigger, it is a nice fit,I can wear it slightly off the shoulder. It is very comfortable inside as well. In these pictures I decided to team it with my thick black leggings and a white+grey striped thin t-shirt. Think I'm going to play around with tops underneath, to give a sneak peek of wht's there when I'm wearing it off the shoulder. :) To finish the look I'm wearing pink ballet flats. :) xo

:)  Saturday Night!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Right, on with the decision making...........I am going out on Saturday night and have decided to dig out my LBDs......I have 3 to choose from......this one is a halterneck, knee length, with slight ruffles under the bust. I have worn it a few times before and love it!

The next one is this knee length cap sleeved LBD. It has a V-neck with ruffles on either side. It ties behind to help define that waist!! The only problem is, it tends to crease whenever you move or sit down, so you can end up looking a bit un-ironed!!! :/

The final one up for review is this silver and black sequined number! It doesn't really need any explanation as it speaks for itself! Not quite sure on the fit as it has been a while since I last wore it.......! But I'm sure it's fine I just need to try it on!

So that's all the dresses.....I was thinking of accessorising it with my coral feathery earrings, coral platform heels & coral and gold belt. I also have a coral and gold studded clutch purse which I could use, but that's a bit annoying as it's just a purse you can't put anything else in there!! :O LOL

Right, finally, I was thinking of finishing it off with this navy blazer which i found lurcking in a cupboard! It was my Mum's orginally so it's about 30 years old AT LEAST! :O Vintage all the way which is brilliant! I love the gold button detail on it too.

So, that's it for today!! :D Like I said, more outfits to come!!! I'll let you know which dress I go for!!! :D xo


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