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Monday, 30 April 2012

My Recent Make-Up Buys!!!

 I had a little splurge on new make up and managed to snap up:

-17 Shine Control Loose Powder

 -2 17 Nail Varnishes, a strengthening base coat and Carribean Coral.

-L'oreal Studio Secrets Make-up Primer

-Bourjois lipstick in Sweet Kiss Shine 59

-L'oreal lipstick in nude Ingenue 501

-17 Eyebrow Shaper pencil with brush 2A1

-17 Mascara Va Va Voom


Right here goes then, a little sum up of some of the buys:-


The two lipsticks are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They go on super smooth, give a hint of colour without being too in your face; which

 is good if you want to build

 up colour. I had wanted a coral like shade and a nude one and these two were really

 the only two that I found that I liked, I especially loved the way they glided onto my skin!


I have used this 17 Nail Strengthening Base Coat and it's lovely! Not sure yet how good it is for my nails, as with any nail varnish it does peel off after a while so I guess you'd have to keep re-applying it. I do find it goes on easily though and you could wear it alone (as I have done) similar to a nude/clear varnish. The other polish is called 'Carribean Coral' and I AM IN LOVE with the it!! It is beautiful!!! Highly reccommened if you want a nice coral-y coloured polish :)

Next up, is this wonder product!! L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional smoothing resurfacing primer. OMG!!!! I feels AMAZING on! It like, disappears into your don't even realise you're putting on!! FEELS LUSH!!! Creates a good base for make-up but when I appled foundation over the top I found that it didn't go on so well so I think it would be good on it's own. Or perhaps under a different foundation! lol I highly recommend it though. It feels like air..... :)

I also snapped up this eyebrow shaper pencil in brown. I have very fair eyebrows and unless I get them tinited every few weeks, you can't see them! So trying to save money and endless visits to the beauty salon, I thought why not give this a go! I can report that it is easy to blend with the attached brush. I find that if I use the pencil on the side it goes on better/lighter, not quite so harsh looking. :) My sister even thought that I had had my eyebrows tintied which means it obviously works!

I have not tried this mascara yet as I seem to have a few on the go at the moment (!!) but it certainly looks good!

Last but not least there was this 17 Shine Control Loose Powder. I got this (as well as the other 17 products) with a voucher from Boots and in a 3-4-2 promotion ( I think!) I used a voucher from the advantage card kiosk which gave me 10% off or similar. Anyway, it was a good buy and I saved more than I spent!! Not quite sure about this powder, as I usually use a pressed one. 17 Shine Control Loose Powder is a micro-fine translucent powder that helps prevent shine breakthrough. Lightly dust over your favourite 17 foundation for a longer lasting matt finish. It is:
  • Oil free.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Fragrance free.
 I can agree that it does indeed leave my skin with a shine free finish. Throughout the day, keeps it matte and not feeling as though I need to re-apply which is a good thing! I will keep using it and maybe do an update after I've used it for a little while longer!

So, there you have it! A few make up buys and recommendations!! :) :) 
Hope you enjoyed reading!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!! :D :D ;0) xxxxx

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  1. always wanted to try out the L'Oreal Paris Professional Primer
    great post!
    would love if you could check out mine too xx


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