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Friday, 14 September 2012

Australian Dreamin!

Sunset over Sydney Harbour Bridge Sydney Australia. Lush.....this picture is care of my friend Taryn over at Wanderista. Find her on Twitter @tarynadler

She has been travelling around Australia and lately Cambodia. Her blog was on of the first ones I stumbled across whilst doing some research for my own Australian Adventure, check out her pictures, they are amazing!!! 

Anyway, onto the reason for this post! In case you didn't know, I am lucky enough to be fulfilling one of my dreams which I have held ever since I can remember and especially since my sister backpacked her way around Australia 5 years ago. We went out to visit her and travel around (Australia) for 5 weeks!!! I fell in love and decided that one day, I would also travel around Australia and have my own adventure.....................

So here we are, a few years older and maybe a bit less than 5 months I am to board a flight to Brisbane....!!!! :D :D I CANNOT wait!!!!! I will be there for 6 days before heading up to Mackay to go and work on a horse ranch!!!! I will be looking after 2 horses and learning how to train them! Literally, my dream on a plate!! I will be going out with another girl who will also be working on the horse ranch, a lovely lovely lady called Monique, who at this present moment is in Canada working on a horse and goat ranch!! Hehe! :P We get on really well so I have high hopes for us spending 6months together!! 

I love this!!!!

So who else gets to fulfill their dreams??? I don't think many people do! They think about them and they might even get halfway there, but who, who (!!) gets a chance like I have got??? I feel SSOOO lucky to have this opportunity and I do not intend to let it go or for someone else to take it away from me! 

I will actually be staying at the ranch for 7months, I fly out on FEB 01st 2013 and will be leaving on Fri 13th Sept 2013 if all goes well! My sister will be coming out to see me, (as will my parents) and we'll be heading upto the Whitsundays and then upto Cairns together!!

Ok now onto the ranch!!! It is a 122 acre property near Ilbilbie on the coast of central Queenland. They are situated in quiet rural area 36km from the nearest town. I found them on a site called a great site which connects people wanting to volunteer in different countries around the world with people who need their help! It's brilliant! Definitely would not have found Rebecca and Darren at Loose Rein without it! (their website, check it out! :P)

I love their philosophy of training horses and how they believe that everything should be done with respect. They love Monty Roberts like I do which is also amazing!!! :) 

I cannot wait to get out there and get started.......but I suppose I DO need to save some money and book my TopDeck Trips!!! I want to go from Darwin to Perth (this is 3 weeks) and then do another from Perth to Adelaide (I think this one is 1 week), a fab way of seeing ALOT of Australia and meeting some like-minded people! :) WWOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think this is really cool!! :) I will definitely be doing this next's about where the breeze takes you, rather than saying 'I must do this, I must go there....' all the time! I am hoping to be able to do a LOT of this and am really looking forward to my Adventure!!!!

I LOVE this quote, I feel like I should carry it around with me whilst away next year and look at it when I feel homesick, or I just want to get on the next flight home!!!! I think it will help to keep me sane somehow........

Here is just a rough idea of what there is still left to do...............


Backpacking To-Do List

  1. Create a Budget
  2. Purchase Backpacking Gear
  3. Create a Skype Account
  4. Tell Your Families
  5. Notify Employers
  6. Check Passports
  7. Create a Twitter Account (cool travellers on there)
  8. Create a Facebook Account
  9. Are Going to Play Fantasy Leagues on the Road?
  10. Create a Rough Itinerary
  11. Check Visa Requirements for Each Country
  12. Choose a Departure Date
  13. Purchase Travel Insurance
  14. Cancel Car Insurance
  15. Open Australian Bank Account
  16. Cancel mobile phone contract
  17. Practice Packing
  18. Break in Boots or Shoes
  19. Set Up First Aid Kit
  20. Purchase Lonely Planet Guides (if needed)

Quite a long list really but thankfully I can cross off a fair few already........but there seems to be sssoooo much to do.......not to mention all the things I have to pack....aahhhh..........

I have a feeling it will end up looking a bit like this!! HAHA!! :P

Anyway, I'm sure it will be alright and I'll fly off for my adventure with a sensibley packed bag (Thanks Mum!) and with all the right things I need!! HEHE!! 

If you're heading off for an adventure or have been on one and have any words of wisdom, please leave them in the comments!!! I need every one I can get!!! :)

Thanks SSOOO much!!

Sarah xoxo


  1. Never realised you were doing this. So jealous- You HAVE to keep us updated x

    1. Aw thanks!! that's why I wrote a blog post about it! hehe! :) I will definitely try to!!! :) thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment xoxo


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