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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A Little Beauty Haul!!
Hello there...........sorry it's been ssooo long since my last blog post......I guess life has just in the way and I've been doing other things instead of blogging.....I hope you can forgive me!!!!!

So right, onto the most important thing!! I recently WON a prize on Twitter from the wonderful people at Pegasus Beauty PR!! ( All I had to do was to retweet one of theit tweets to win a pampering set signed by Millie Mackintosh from Made In Chelsea!! (I'm SSUUCCHHH a fan! lol)

I got Foot and Heel Cream, Repairing Skin Cream, Facial Toner and Skin Treatment Serum :) All from the wonderful Manuka Doctor-Manuka Honey is found only in New Zealand has has lots of properties from healing burns and wounds to helping you feel better on the inside. So far I have tried the foot and heel cream and the skin treatment serum, I shall let you know how I get in with them, but they smell amazing!!!! :D

 This little haul is courtesy of MUA-Make-Up Academy and Benefit!!! lol :) 

 So, I have two Immaculate Palettes as they were free when you spent £8, which I happened to do, twice!!! can be a Christmas present!! I also have the Undressed Palette which is amazing for Autumn, their 'Out There Plumping Lip Gloss', their Brow Kit, Eyelid Primer which works wonderfully, a separate eye shadown in Shade 16 and an Eyeliner in Gun Metal :)

 Eyeliner Gun Metal :) Have tried this out but I do find it hard to apply eye-liner I don't know why or what I am doing wrong! lol Handily it comes with 3 ideas on how to use it on your eyes so that's handy. :)
 Eye Primer :) Works well at preventing creases on your eyeshadow. Never used one before but I know for sure that I will keep using it everytime I intend to use eyeshadow again.

 Out There Plumping Lip Gloss in 'Sienna' I have used this once and it had an odd tingling sensation, but I guess that's all to do with the plumping-ness of it!!!! ;0)
The amazing Brow Kit!!! ;0) It has all you need to keep your brows trimmed and looking amazing! There are mini tweezers, a brush as well as 3 different colours and a fixing gel :) Used this already and I think I need to practise before getting it perfect....hehe

This is Shade 16 eyeshadow in matte ;0) Looks like it would be a nice base shadow for creating a nice autumnal look with the 'Undressed Palette.' Equally it would look nice on its own. Sometimes I like wearing just one colour and to be honest, this is what I have done upto now so I guess it's handy having just a single colour. (I have never owned more than one eye shadow before anyway so I guess I've gone a bit overboard, but hey! Good to have lots to play with I guess!!!!)

This is my new Foundation brush from Benefit!!! Not used it yet....I managed to get this for £19.50 as it was priced up wrong! Meant to be £22.50 although I did find it for what I paid on the glad I didn't pay full price for it! it is made from synthetic badger hair and will last me a lifetime apparently! Here's hoping for the price, anyway! 


Here is the 'Undressed Palette' filled with amazing Autumnal colours, great for creating a smokey eye or two! Have used this once so far and I look forward to using it again.

This is the 'Immaculate Palette' with an amazing 24 shadows in it!!! FREE!! :O It retails at only £8 so really not so out of reach! :P I can't wait to start using it and coming up with some interesting combinations! lol perfect for party season coming up I feel too xoxo

Finally, we have 'Kiss Me' Love Hearts Lip Balm!! It's yummy!!! lol ;0) I have a slight obsession with lip balms as you might already know if you've read my posts before!! Hehe!!! You can never have too many...............can you????? xoxo

Well, there you have it!! Another little make-up haul from me!! :) I might have some more soon, but sshhh!!! :) Thanks for stopping by and reading me!!!! ;0)



  1. I love make-up and I'm a fan of MUA. You got some fab stuff! I love the eyeshadow palettes but have way too many eyeshadows already to justify treating myself to one! x

    1. Hi Chelsey!!!! Thanks for stopping by!! :) Yes I know what you mean I have too many mascaras and lip blams!!! A girl can never have too many I don't think!! The palettes are rather gorgeous tho....go know you NEED one!! xoxo

  2. Nice prize!! I wanna try the manuka doctor line too. :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog. X

    1. No worries Alex thanks for stopping by and reading!! :) Yes the Manuka Doctor is working well for me at the minute I feel I might do a Blog Post on them soon :)

      Sarah x x


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