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Thursday, 4 October 2012

L'Oreal Paris Lipstick!
So here it is, THE lipstick, the one EVERYONE and their Auntie wants after seeing it on The X Factor upon the lips of the one and only Cheryl!!! A gorgeous Plum colour perfect for Autumn I feel.

I bought it off Ebay-something I VERY rarely do as I don't really trust them?? But I'm VERY pleased with this purchase it has to be said!!!! Wouldn't hesitate to buy from this buyer again. Here's the link: (Seller)

 I have to thank the lovely Palindrome Poppet for this link really :) ( Check out her Blog here: I think she also bought this lipstick, or a similar one! Seems we're all at it!

 It has a lovely creamy texture and goes on really well. It looks a bit dark to begin with but I guess you can always dial down the darkness with lipgloss or lip balm.Peronally I like it quite dark for the Autumnal season.

Here is a pic of the front of it :)

And finally, here is a picture of my face (SORRY!!!) with a slick of this wonderful Lipstick on!!! As you can see, it is quite dark but I like that and as soon as I have dyed my hair (Intense Red from Garnier) I feel it will go really well and will look even more Autumnal. I love the Berry and Plum colours around at the moment and have completely fallen head over heart for it! (Hence why I have ANOTHER 4 Lipsticks in a similar shade...eeepp!)

I am not usually a Lipstick kinda girl as I much prefer a Lipgloss but I have come around to them in the few days since that X Factor I can't seem to get enough of it!!! haha!!! 

What Lipsticks have you all been loving recently?? Any new ones I should be knowning about?? Leave them in the comments form and I'll gladly take a look!!! 

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  1. I love Cheryls lipstick too! :) I love the shade its so rich - ive been loving plum colours too. Topshop's Beguiled was last years fave - its very daring though! xx

    1. It is lovely isn't it?! ;0) Good to be daring isnt it?! Sometimes anyway.... :D xx


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