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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Oh Autumn, how I love thee....

I have to say, this is one of the BEST things about Autumn/Winter for me! :) Being at home all snuggly away from the wind/rain/cold outside, knowing you're all warm with a roaring fire is bliss. I totally love the smell too, the wood burning, the crackle as the dry twigs catch........aahhhh. Totally reminds me of being younger and being altogether as a family round the fire watching 'Narnia' or 'The Borrowers' and toasting crumpets.............LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Speaking of things I love, I thought i would tell you a bit more about myself and what kind of things I love doing and general love-ness!!! 

  • I absolutely LOVE animals!!! :) I have been crazy about them ever since I can remember and we had a few pets when I was younger and always dreamed of having one of my own (or several!) and perhaps working with them when I grew up! :P Thankfully I now run my own Pet-Sitting and Dog-Walking Business which happily combines both! 
  •  I love the smell of rain on a pavement. I don't know why I always have! I just think it is one those smells that makes you instantly happy! I'm odd like :) 
  • I like going out in the snow and having fun like making snowballs, building a snowman or performing a snow angel!
  •  I love seeing the leaves change from green to goldy yellow in the Autumn. Makes me happy that there's a new season to behold and all that it brings with it! Esp Halloween, Bonfire Night and of course my Birthday and Christmas!
  •  I also love Spring for all the newness of it and the baby animals! I love walking dogs down my local pond and spotting all the new ducklings! :)
  • I love the smell after you have lit a match......mmmm think this goes back to the open fire....that is another favourite smell of mine, as is walking into a tack shop/room and smelling all the leather!! MMM!!
  •  I have found that I love Blogging......I find it gives me something to do and I like writing posts for people to read. :)
  • When I was younger and going to France a lot for holidays, I would judge a place by its hot chocolate!! Haha! Also by how comfy the beds were. 
  • There is nothing better in this world than coming home to a nice warm kitchen which is heated by an Aga!!! Aahhhhh......standing in front of it and warming your bum has to be the best thing are the foods that are produced from it! :P 
  •  Hot Chocolate is one of the best things about Autumn!! I love it and can easily have 3 cups a day if allowed!!!! :) :)

 Our Aga!!!! :D :D LOVE LOVE LOVE!

The roaring fire in my living room!!!! :) LOVELOVELOVE

  • I also love getting all snuggly in bed and watching dvds!! :) This happens all year round not necessarily during Autumn/Winter spefically but these seasons do lend themselves to being all warm and cosy indoors......
.....therefore I love being in my pjs for as long as possible or changing into them as soon as I can after finishing work!! :)

So I say, stop hating on Autumn & Winter and start embracing them for all they have to offer!!! It's time to start LOVING the darker nights and the colder air and begin to change your routine as the animals and plants around us do. Think of it as a chance to change and to reflect on events passed and exciting ones yet to come. 

I personally LOVE Halloween & Bonfire Night, just think of all that yummy food you get to eat! Bonfire Toffee, yummy Butternut Squash Soup, Toffee Apples, Parkin (for those NOT aware, this is a yummy and slightly sticky ginger cake!), Burgers and Hotdogs with onions! YUMYUMYUM! Not to mention all that Halloween candy! (if you go trick or treating that is!) Plus, not sure if you're aware of this or not, but after this, IT'S NEARLY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D and we all LOVE Christmas, don't we? xoxo

Thanks for stopping by and reading this little Autumnal post...let me know what you love in general and about this wonderful season!!! 



  1. I have to say I really do enjoy reading your blog, you've made me feel all Autumnal! I've given your blog a follow would really mean a lot if you checked out my blog and let me know what you think! :)

    1. Thanks very much Bryony v sweet of you! I really enjoyed writing this post actually :) Have checked out your Blog and am now following! Thank you again. xoxo

  2. I adore autumn to! Favourite time of the year for sure (apart from Christmas!) Great post, I also have a live post up on my blog for my love for autumn too, if you wish to take a look -
    Lucy x

    1. i love your post too Lucy!!!! Makes me too all autumnal too! :) thanks for stopping by to read I do appreciate it :) x

  3. Hey Sarah, just stumbled across your blog and love it! I'm trying to embrace the autumn as well, I love nothing better than snuggling up on the couch with a blanket and a big stack of magazines(and chocolate too of course lol)

    Your newest follower,

    Vanessa x

    Pop by and follow me too sometime! :-)

    1. Awwwww thanks Vanessa!!! :) I'm glad you stumbled across me!!! :P I too am a fan of staying in and snuggling with magazines and chocolate!!!! :) Will pop by sometime. Thanks again xoxoxxoxo


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