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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Perfume Loves xo

So today I am going to talk you through my perfume history! I absolutely adore Perfume, I think it can make such a difference to how you feel and add that certain 'je ne sais quoi.'  

This is my YSL 'Cinema' this is the second time I have repurchased it and I'm SSOO glad I did!!!! I just love the smell of it! :) I also think it looks quite classy. I first came across this beauty in Boots when I had one of those '£5 off Fragrance' vouchers. I wandered around for ages before settling on this, as a gamble really as I wasn't sure I would like it. Boy am I glad I did!! 

It has topnotes of Clementine, Almond Blosson and Cyalamen, middle notes of Amarillys, Sambac jasmin and Peony. Finishing with base notes of Amber White musks, Bourbon Vanilla and Benzoin.

That does sound like an odd mix but once you've sprayed it and left it to 'settle' it becomes a really nice scent. It's always hard to descibe smells as every person i think smells something different but to me it is beautiful!! A definite 'classic' in my collection. 

 Now, this is by far MY FAVOURITE perfume EVER!!! I absolutely adore it and I'm always asking for it to be replenished for me!!! It is 'Angel' by Thierry Mugler. I cannot remember where/when I first discovered it, but it was a few years ago. I have had the original 'star' bottle which is beautiful. Makes it look like a star plucked straight from the night sky! It smells like cotton candy and all things sweet, which is probably why i like it so much! I always get compliments whenever I wear it too! :) 

"It has a top of bergamot and helional, a delicious heart of fruit and honey, which evoke mouth-watering childhood memories; and a sensual, passionate base of vanilla, chocolate, caramel and patchouli." 

This pink baby is Lacoste's 'Joy of Pink' I love this one! The bottle just makes me smile whenever I see it! :) I'm surprised by how much of it I've used! :O Must be a favourite! I got this one from Boots-again! In a similar offer to the YSL one I believe. It is quite grapefruity when you first spritz it which kind of 'wakens' me up if i'm feeling sad/down for any reason! I just love it! :)

"Joy of Pink is ideal for young ladies and for women full of life and energy. Its zests are refreshing, awakening and exhilarating. The fragrance opens with bright and sparkling grapefruit aromas. A heart is challenging and exotic, just like some tasty cocktail of Blue CuraƧao enhanced with floral notes of peony. The composition closes with cedar and musk, which give a strong base to this light and gentle fragrance." 

 These are a few samples which I've either had sent to me (Amy Child's and 'Versace') or had in a magazine (Boss Nuit Pour Femme)

I am actually IN LOVE with how good Boss Nuit smells!!!! :) I didn't think I'd like it as much but I've asked for it for my Birthday! :) (Along with Angel and Amy Childs!) Lets see which one I get eh!? But I urge you to try Boss "...a dazzling flowery and sensual fragrance that is ultimately feminine, just like a little black dress." 

I am probably going to lose a few blog readers when I say this, but I LOVE the Amy Child's fragrance!!! :O :D I don't usually go for a 'celeb' fragrance as I don't believe that they even have anything to do with the perfume process and put their name to it but this one is different. 

"It opens with fruity, exotic notes of pomegranate seed, fresh green leaves and kumquat, moving into a floral heart of lotus, champaca and purple orchid. The perfume dries down onto a sensual base of purple violet, amber, skin musks, soft woods and vanilla." 

I love the scent of it, kinda floral with some nice undertones that make it last! :) You have to smell if for yourself :) 

This is 'Versace' I had it sent to me by the ever so kind people at the London Perfume Company! I had never heard of this fragrance before and so didn't know what to expect when I smelt it.
"This feminine scent blends flowers and fruity accents with purple wisteria guava and white lilacs for added extravagance whilst a soft heart of angel wing jasmine, lotus flowers, orchid and azaleas blend magically with a sensual base of vetiver, cedarwood and musk" 

I opened it yesterday as soon as it arrived and on first impressions it isn't too bad! I know you have to give perfumes a fair go before making an opinion and so i will with this one, but on first notes I'm not put off. It has that floral scent which I love seeing as a lot of the perfumes I tend to like have floral notes in them somewhere! :) It seems quite heavy but I'm sure it will 'open up' given the chance when I wear it again. I will perservere with it and I'm sure I will learn to love it! Thanks guys! ;0)


So there you have it! A little insight into what perfumes I love! Hope you enjoyed reading and perhaps I have persuaded you into trying something new!!

Let me know what perfumes you're loving and what new ones I should try!! :) Which ones are your favourite???



  1. I love Angel too! Also Chanel Sycamore, Tom Ford Santal Blush, Prada Candy, the new Liz Earle one x

    1. Thanks Beauty Balm!! :) Angel is amazing isn't it?!?! I adore it! Not tried any of those but they sound interesting! :D x

  2. Lacoste Touch of Pink Joy is my current fave and most used perfume! :D xx P.S. Another massive favourite of mine at the moment is Carolina Herrera VIP...if you get chance try it :D x

    1. Yes I love it too!! :)Such a gorgeously fruity scent! :) It reminds me of grapefruits! :P OOo not heard of that one but if I'm near to a pefume counter I shall def try it! hehe! ;0) xoxo

  3. I used to be OBSESSED with that Lacoste perfume, I wore it all through uni and every time I smell it it just brings back so many memories :) xx

    1. Hi emily :) I love how perfume can revoke memories from years ago :) think that's one of the reasons i love it so much. Thanks for stopping by xoxo


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