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Monday, 29 October 2012

Finding Bargins!
Four Revlon Nail Polishes from POUNDLAND!!!!! 

I popped into Poundland today to buy some batteries for my camera and had a quick peek at some of the make-up they had in there. Now whilst I'm not shy of a bargin (I WAS after cheap batteries after all!) I wasn't too sure about their make up after reading on some blogs that whilst they've found a bargin, the make up itself was very old. But like I say I'm not afraid of a bargin and I sourced these babies hanging up temptingly at eye level!! 

 This gorgeous green one is called 'Emerald City'
 This is a purpley one is super gorgeous!! Called 'Plum Night'

 I couldn't resist this red one I got all Christmassy when I saw it! :) 'Fire Fox'

Finally this white one is 'Powder Puff'

I have to admit that I wasn't thinking of buying the red/white ones I was moving them to find the green one! But once I had hold of them all I couldn't help but think 'CHRISTMAS NAIL ART!' HAHAHAA!! I could do a red base then a white tip like a santa hat! Or even green to make an elf's hat! :P Brilliant!!!! :) I'm SSOO happy I bought them all!

 I then popped along to Superdrug to finally get my hands on the concealer that every beauty blogger and her Mum as got: 'Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer' from Collection! I got shade 1 Fair as the next one up was a tad too dark. I am looking forward to using it say goodbye to my under eye bags!! :P WWOO!!

 I then found myself wandering over to the Rimmel stand and eyeing up yet another lipstick from the Kate Moss Collection! This is one from the Matt collection in shade 101 in a light pinky shade. I have to thank Paula from La Vida Fresa for this as it was her blog post that lead me to purchase it! :) (

  It is a gorgeous subtle pink shade which goes on smoothly and doesn't dry out my lips which is good as I do suffer with dry lips especially in autumn/winter :)

Finally, here's a quick webcam shot of me with NO make up on apart from my new concealer and a quick slick of the lippie! :) I feel pretty good putting myself out here like this without my usual 'war-paint' on...........being brave!!! :) 

 Let me know what you think of this picture, I'll put more on here if I get good replies! lol 

Well I hope you enjoyed my mini bargin haul....I shall endeavour to do some christmas nail art when december finally makes it appearance! Let me know what sort you'd like to see :) 

Thanks again!

SARAH xoxo


  1. Hooray for bravery!! I love those nail polishes :)
    ~April (that crazy lady you met on Twitter :)

    1. Thanks April!!!!! :/ :P Yes me too I'm wearing the purple one right now and it's gorgeous! :P Nice chatting with you April! lol xoxo
      Sarah xoxo

  2. I need to go to pound land. Everyone finds such good stuff there but there isn't one near me :(

    1. Oh no!! :( :( I hate it when other beauty bloggers rave about finding stuff in their local Aldi or where-ever and I can't find it! haha! I know how you feel Beth :( xoxo

  3. Hiyyyaaaa!!!! I am so in love with that green nail polish!! A Poundland trip is definitely in order!!! I'm loving the less is more make up really suits you chick :) xxx P.S. If you ever find an ALDI their nail polish is fab and the foundation is pretty amazing for the small price :D xx

    1. Hiya!!!! :) :) :) Thanks Leanne i've always done the 'less is more' route where make-up is concerned as I don't think the plastered look suits anyone let alone me! aha! I have an Aldi near to me so will check it out not that I need anymore make up! aha! :) thanks for stopping by chick hope all is well xoxo

  4. i think the 101 shade is soooo similar to mac's 'please me'! ahhh i so need to try this concealer... everyone seems to RAVE about it! xx

    1. Is it?! I've never been near any MAC products so I have no idea but if it's a good dupe then brilliant! aha! ;0) Yes the concealer is fab you should def try it! Thanks for stopping by Catrine! :) xo


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