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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Perfume Haul!!

The other week I was on the Next website browsing their Fragrances/Perfumes and before I knew it I had found myself ordering two of their Eau de Parfums! Ooppsss! I got 'Paris' and 'New York' (2 places I really want to visit actually!) They were £12 each for 100ml.

'New York' is described as '...A radiant, white floral fragrance with elegant jasmine and sun-kissed orange blossom. Inspiring and cosmopolitan, this blend captivates and engages the senses...' 

'Paris' is '...A sensual fragrance enveloping a floral bouquet of jasmine and orchid with warm amber tones. A fragrance that captures an irresistible decadence and evokes Parisienne chic...'

I may not have mentioned this before but I absolutely adore perfume bottles! I just LOVE them if they look cute/sweet/bit different from the norm! Maybe part of the reason why I love 'Angel' by Thierry Mugler as they come in star bottles! hehe! :) I also adore his new one 'Womanity' because of the bottle!! haha!! See! Told you I have a problem!! :P :O 

I have opened and had a spray of 'Paris' and find it to be quite light and floral which is perfect for everyday use. And it being an EDP rather than a perfume makes it perfect for wearing during the day-this may be because you have to spray it again to top up as it is not a perfume which is heavier and therefore lasts longer! 

 As I haven't taken pics of the bottles I thought I'd share the ones from the Next website! (Cheeky stealing!) Can I just say that I find the black and white bows on the top ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE and SSOO CUTE!!! :P :P It comes attached to the plastic wrap on the outside but I saved it and placed it back onto the top of the box!! :) hehe! xo

Now I've got these two I'd really love to try the other 2 in The Collection, 'London' and 'Milan' :) Then my set would be complete! I'd also love to try out their candles and eventually their Reed Diffusers! :) I'm a bit obbessed as you can tell! hehe! I'm also on the hunt for a dressing table and make-up/nail polish storage so if you know of any let me know! I want to be organised when I come back from Australia!! 

Each collection contains the Eau de Parfum, Reed Diffusers, Candles & fragranced Body Creme.

This is the whole Milan Collection  :) I love the blue!!!

This is the 'London' Collection. Again it includes the EDP, Candle, Reed Diffuser and Body Creme :)   

Body Creme (180ml) is £8, Candle is £9 and the Reed Diffuser is £12 (for 100ml) and £18 for 250ml. (50ml EDP is £8)

I have to confess, I'd been reading Lucy's blog before making my purchase! She has a fab 'Interiors' section and has the best home!!! She has sparked my interest in how I want my home (eventually! for now just my bedroom! :P) to look! I can't get enough of it!! :P I'd seen that she a reed diffuser and I couldn't help but want it for myself! She also has loads of wonderful candles on display which look amazing!! :) This is definitely how I'd want my home to look one day! :) Plenty of inspiration for the time being! :) 

I love looking around those shops you get which have homely things on display but also lots of other kitchy things you may expect! There are loads of them in France and my Mum & I can spend ages looking around them all whilst my Dad just stands there looking confused and heading for the nearest wine shop! :P

 Anyway.............I best go! Let you have a read! Have you bought anything from Next's 'Collection??' I'd love to know especially if you've bought the candle/body creme/diffusers! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

SARAH xoxoxo


  1. I so want to try the candles to these two! x

    1. me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) I adore candles! lol Xmas List perhaps!?!?! xoxo

  2. My favourite scent from the 4 is London, mmm, so lovely. :)


    1. Hi Julie, thanks for visiting reading and posting!! :D Haven't tried London but would love to! :) Glad you liked my post! xoxo

  3. I'm getting the Milan perfume for Christmas..I find it smells a lot like Be Delicious from DKNY!

    1. WOW!!!!!!! I smelt the Noel one the other day as a reed diffuser - amazing!!! I WANT IT!!! hehe!! :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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