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Sunday, 25 November 2012

I Love Soap and Glory!!

Well heelloo there!!!!!!!!!! :) :) I thought I'd share with you what I picked up in Boots the other day! Soap & Glory products happened to be on 3 for 2 so I took advantage! 


I was initially after a new night cream for winter. I only had the Garnier Pure one which I was using during the day along with my new Radiance Moisturiser from Superdrug (post here) I found I had nothing for night now I was coming to end of my tester sample of the Weleda Rose Night Cream which I got in my She Said Beauty Box last month. I wanted something thick and rich to protect my skin a bit more during these cold winter months to come. 

 I turned to twitter to ask my fellow #bbloggers which creams they suggested and a few of them suggested the same thing: 'Night In Shining Armour' by Soap + Glory!

I love the packaging of Soap + Glory products as well as the funky names! :P

The actual tub it comes in is quite sturdy and looks good upon your bedside table/bathroom shelf or where ever it is that you keep your night creams! :) I like the idea of a tub of cream rather than a tube because you are likely to use every last bit of it rather than wasting some of it at the end of the tube, even if you do what I do and cut it up to ensure you don't! :P Some might say that a tub isn't as hygienic but when you're applying it, your hands are likely to be clean I think seeing as you'll be near a sink! (or is that just me?!) 

 Once opened, you can see that it is indeed a gorgeously thick white cream which smells divine. (As you would expect from S+G!)

I have not actually used it yet but I cannot wait to get my fingers into this tub and put it upon my face! I don't know what it is about winter but it always makes me want a thick and nourishing night cream to help my skin repair itself overnight. If I didn't have any day moisturiser then i would definitely have gotten the day cream as well to help my skin survive the bitter winter winds and rain which I am exposed to on a daily basis, with me being a doggie walker and all!

I also use up a massive amount of hand cream too so I would be intrigued to see how their 'Hand Food' would fair, but that's a whole other blog post! :)

As it was 3 for 2 I felt I HAD to buy 2 other products to make the most of the offer! :) So I saw this and thought 'Brilliant!!! I ALWAYS need something to help cover those beasties!'

 This under eye and dark circle concealer contains special yellow tones to help hide blue/purple under eye circles which mine definitely are!! It's one area of my face, apart from my acne-prone chin which I absolutely HATE! I'm ALWAYS after something to cover them (and yes I already do own the much hyped 'Collection lasting perfection concealer') so I picked this little beauty up. :) 

I'm not sure if this is a colour, but I saw this on the end of the box and it is also on the end of the tube of concealer. :)

It says it is expertly blended yellow tone which helps to neutralise purple under eye circles! Brilliant! I feel this has literally been made for me as my circles definitely ARE this colour and need to be hidden!! hehe! :)

The tube itself is nice and sturdy and has a sponge applicator which most concealers tend to have. I like this as you can control how much you put on and where. :) I apply it with the sponge and then just dab it in with my fingers until I achieve the desired effect/coverage I'm after.

Here it is out of the tube and then rubbed into my hand. As you can see (or not!) it is a good match to my skin tone :) Sorry if you can't really see it, i was having trouble with light when I was taking these pictures but rest assured that I have used it twice already and it covers my horrible circles brilliantly and even leaves behind a nice sort of 'shine' I'm not talking 'rimmel wake me up' glittery but it just lightens up the whole area and just covers the circles amazingly well. A definite contender for the 'Collection' Lasting Perfection Concealer!! 

OK, last but by NO means least, I got this!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) 

 This is the amazing 'Calm One Calm All' Bubble Bath!! :) Aahhhh just the thought of a hot bubbly bath makes me drift off into another land at this time of year....... Sometimes there's nothing better than slipping into a dreamful of bubbles, forgetting all the troubles for half an hour or so.................aaahhhhhhhhh..............

...............anyway! Onto the product! It is a wonderfully smelling Bubble Bath with added Body Lotion which is always a bonus as there's nothing worse than coming out of said bubbly bath with tight skin and having to load up on the old body moisturiser!!! :( Me no likey! So to have one which is in there already, means an extra 10 minutes in the bubbles!!! :) :)

It comes out a lovely marshmallow colour and it kind of smells like them too! :) 

I already have a new bubble bath to use (A FCUK Fragranced one which I got for my Birthday from my sister - along with a shower gel, body butter (which is amaze!) and an exfoliater) so I will have to wait a bit first before using this, but it will sit there looking beautiful on the side of my bath. (plus I can sneak a sniff every now and again! :P)

So there you have! :) A little 'Soap & Glory' moment for you all!! Have you bought anything from their range?? What has been your favourite?? Have you used any of these products?? I'd love to know!!!! :)


SARAH xoxoxoxo


  1. I love Soap & Glory, the concealer you mentioned looks really nice xx

    1. it is brilliant you should definitely try it, especially if you have darker circles like I do!! :) xoxo

  2. I really wanna try the under eye cream dark circle concealer! It sounds nice. I've been having the worse dark circles ever! hehe, lovely review!

    Ps. I'm currently having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)


    1. You should! :P It's BRILLIANT at covering them espesh if they're as dark as mine! lol :P Thanks for stopping by!!!

  3. i adore all things soap and glory! I'm an addict x

    1. Me too!! I could easily become one!!! hehe!! ;0) xoxo

  4. Some great products and the night cream looks so creamy ha ha :)

    Tanesha x


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