Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A Deal From Atelier-To-Go!

Atelier-to-go is a new pop up shop where you can create a wishlist of clothes and gain 'loyalty points' -  "Redeem points earned in our shop, fashion features and personal stylist sections of the site. Once you have accumulated 100 loyalty points (by spending £200.00 or more in our shop) you can redeem your points against My Atelier Treats offers. For every 10 shares you will be awarded with one loyalty point. Once you have accumulated 100 loyalty points from your sharing activity you can redeem your points against My Atelier Treat offers. Simply redeem your loyalty points at the checkout." (ATELIER-TO-GO)

I think this is a really unique idea for shopping! I mean you browse their website of amazing clothes and you can earn money off?! Brilliant! I know this is probably a higher end luxury brand but at the same time if you wanted to treat yourself to something beautiful, you have a place to go! It's also handy for the ones you love-just point them in the direction of your wishlist and they know exactly what to buy you! It's going to be launched very soon and they promise more gifts and treats for their shoppers! :) Brilliant!

"Atelier-To-Go's Pop-Up Shop is here ! Check us out for decadent gothic luxe pieces and essential new season updates. Full site is just around the corner ladies, fear not.

Join us and let our team guide you through the fashion maze, bringing together all of the labels you love in one place and providing access to cutting edge fashion technology, giving you a unique, interactive and tailored shoppi
ng experience.

We offer glamour, glossiness and grown up style with hand picked brands for women who know what they like and who are assured in their sense of style. But at prices that won’t make their credit cards tremble.

We will offer you the opportunity to shop like never before - gain access to special fashion & beauty treats picked just for you, beautifully beribboned & sent right to your door

They were kind enough to send out a 'founder' free gift to everyone who signed up initally. Today it arrived!

It's an ESSIE Nail Polish in 'Head Mistress' which is totally gorgeous Red which is perfect for the upcoming festive season!! :D
I can't wait to put it upon my nails! :D xo

Have you heard of Atelier-to-go?? Did you sign up and get an Essie Nail Polish??? Let me know!!

SARAH xoxoxxoxoxoxo


  1. Wow! Yeah, i have to agree it's perfect for Christmas!


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