It's All The Better When It's Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Did someone say free make-up!?!?!?

So this is what I bagged when I bought more magazine today!! :) They were giving away either a lipgloss or a nail polish and being a bit of a beauty junkie I HAD to buy 4 magazines so I got all 4!!! They were also giving away a load of vouchers inside the magazine too which is always a good thing. Including the 'Party Perfect' Gift Card for Miss Selfridges. It's kind of a lucky dip, you take into a store and you either get £1, £2, £5, £10, £50 or Top prize of £500!!!!! (Or perhaps if you're really lucky, free online delivery!!!!! haha!)

 This is 'Nude Beige'

 This is 'Raspberry Crush'

 The two lipglosses are 'Madame Rose' and 'Red Hot'

 I got these Dermalogica items from their website and used code 'DAILYGLOSS' to get £5 off and the mini set for free! :) I think the code came from Glossybox originally!! :)

This is the Dermalogica Clean Start Smart Mouth Lip Shine!! It's orangey in flavour. 'It's native to California, created by the skin health experts at Dermalogica, all help you build a better relationship with your skin for a healthy future.'

 I can see myself using this alot and seeing as it was only £3.20 it's a bargin really! :)

The other thing I got from them was a meet dermalogica deluxe sampler, including a special cleansing gel, skin smoothing cream, multivitamin power firm and a sachet of brighten up daily microfoliant. A nice started pack to introduce you to a new company. I also a bigger version of the Daily Microfoliant in my November Glossy Box so it's good to have a bit more of it! lol :) 

A close up of the miniatures :) 

So there you have it, just a mini haul of the things I've picked up recently. I'll try to blog a bit more often as I do have a few things coming to me in the post which I've won and I'm off to see 'War Horse' in London next week as well as going to the BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham!!!! hehe!! :) So quite a bit to blog about actually!!!! :P 

Thanks for reading...........let me know if you've managed to pick up the freebies from More Magazine!! :) 

SARAH xoxoxo


  1. Ohh what a great collection of bargains Sarah :D LOVE the nail polishes..

    Sian xx

    1. thanks Sian!! :) The nail polishes are amazing!! :) I LOVE Models Own! xoxo thanks for stopping by x

  2. Oh I forgot about this. Must pick some up tomorrow!! Thanks!

    1. :) Yay!! Let me know what you get! :) thanks for stopping by xx

  3. Off to get More tomorrow thanks for the heads up :-)


    1. No worries Becky!! :) Glad to be of service!!! thanks for stopping by! xoxo


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