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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Boohoo Blogger Challenge!
Boohoo  are challenging bloggers yet again to create an outfit collage with at least 3 items which must cost less than £100!! :) The prize is brilliant thought! Not only do you yourself win a Boohoo Voucher for £100 but you get to GIVEAWAY a Voucher for £250 to your readers?!?!? Brilliant eh!? :P I thnk so! :)

The Rules: -

"Want to win yourself a prize and some for your readers too? Simple!

Just create a blog post featuring an outfit collage of at least 3 products available on boohoo as well as a link back to our site - the full outfit must cost less than £100.

Email a link to your post along with your contact details to
This will then be put into a prize draw and we will pick a winner on 14th December to win £100 for yourself, but also £250 to give away to your readers!

Good luck - and remember - you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Full T&Cs are here. xx"

So without further ado, here's my outfit!!!!! ;0) (At time of writing, these were all still available on boohoo)


Cardigan £20 

Jeans £25

Shirt £15 

Boots £35

Total £95 which fits nicely in with the 'under £100' outfit challenge!! :) Let me explain my choices!


I chose this because I simply LOVE the print! It's lovely!!!! Plus I love a big oversized chunky cardigan at this time of year! You can just throw it on over whatever it is that you're wearing and it will keep you all snuggly and warm. :) 


I chose these because, again, I LOVE the colour!!! :P I think they will go wonderfully with the cardigan and of course in this weather, you'll need them! hehe! :) 


I love this beautiful butterfly print shirt!! :) I thnk it looks so cute and sweet. It will go with anything and will jazz up any outfit. I thnk with the right accessories it could take you easily from day to night! :P I thnk it will go nicely with both the jeans and the cardigan. :)


These babies are SIMPLY ADORBALE!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!! I thnk they'll go with anything and of course they'll keep your feet dry and warm in this wet and miserable weather we appear to be suffering from!!!!! The studs are very one trend (apparently!) and will be a nice touch against the softness of the butterfly print shirt. Plus the colour is gorgeous too and will go well with the red in the cardigan and go with the kahki green of the trousers. :P 


I think a spiked necklace would work well here to go with the boots or a thinner one perhaps with a heart or even a butterfly if you wanted to keep within the themeto match the shirt. :) Bracelets would work well here too match depending on my mood I could match up the colours in the outfit (greens.reds) or go totally off track and maybe go for a black studded one or maybe a cross?? Something to just take away from the 'girliness' of the shirt and add to the toughness???

Anyway, all in all I totally love this outfit and would happily wear it around town or just on my house mooching about and keeping watrm! I dare say it would work well for a dry doggie walk too!!! :P Let me know what you think of it!! :P 

Thanks very much for reading!! Fingers crossed I win then I can hold a giveaway!! :P EEE!

SARAH xoxoxoxo

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  1. This is a really cool outfit :) love the jeans and the boots x


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