christmas at my house!! :) :)

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas at my House!

So this is our tree!! :) It's actually 1 of 2 that we have every year and it sits proudly in the corner of our dining room looking gorgeously Christmassy and all. :) It is fake but still it brings a certain festiveness to the house once it comes out and it's ssooo big that it doesn't look small at all in this space!

The lights on our stairs, this is new for this year, not had these before but I think they look amazing!!! :)
Here you can see more of the lights going up 
the stairs and then some of the other decorations we have going on too :) I love it when all these come out! 

 This is our little tree, it sits in our living room and I just love it! :) The two main rooms which are used during Christmas have gorgeous trees in them! :) This is also where I put any presents I get from friends or my lovely customers :) 

Cute Reindeer and a Christmas Plate. 


We have all these bits and bobs lying in boxes ready to come out for Christmas and I love the red and gold theme :)

Here it is again taken from the other side lol :)

Just a collection of other decorations we have here at home at the moment:

This is a candle inside a Santa basket! :) Ho ho ho!!

And it wouldn't be Christmas without a visit from a Robin! :)

Well i hope you've enjoyed seeing a peek inside my house at Christmas!! ;0) 

How have you decorated your house?? If you've done a post like this or similar then please link it below I'd love to see it!!!! ;0)

Thanks again for stopping by and reading my Blog and most importantly, subscribing!!!! :) I'll be doing my Giveaway in the New Year to say thanks to you all so stay tuned for that!!!! :P 

Many festive returns of the season to all, I hope you have a good one! ;0) 

SARAH xoxoxoxxoxoxoxox

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