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Friday, 7 December 2012

London Perfume Co + FD Avenue Collaborate!!

My two favourite websites have collaborated recently and are giving away amazing perfumes/clothes each week but wait there's MORE!!! :O More I hear you say?? YES!!! They are now coming together to challenge us Bloggers to create the perfect NEW YEAR'S EVE Outfit - which is chosen from the fab selection at FD Avenue and accessorised perfectly with Perfume from the amazing London Perfume Company :) The winner will get a mix of goodies from both of these companies, so what are you waiting for?!?? :) 

The important stuff:- 

- Each item on the wish-list must be from The London Perfume Company and FD Avenue

- Each entry must be linked back to us. [] []

- Entries should be complete and published before 20th December 2012.

- Remember, the brief is 'New Years Eve'. What may be considered suitable for one blogger may be totally different to another!
- Complete the blog, publish on your site and let us know via Twitter/Facebook. We will take note of each one.
- Tweet them you've done it so they know where to find it! :) 
(@londonperfumeco and @fdavenue /

Ok now onto the FUN part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Choosing your outfit!!!! AHA!! :) Getting it sorted now means you don't have to have that  'it's nye and I have NO idea what to wear and the shops are shut' panic. Relax and take your time by ordering ONLINE!!! :)
Here is the dress!! I chose this one simply because it stood out to me the most on the page and also because it's fun!!! :) There are a lot of items around at the moment with this comic strip type pattern on them. Personally I love it and would definitely chose this to wear on NYE!! :)
To go with it I'd have this belt which being yellow would stand out well against the dress as well as giving you a chinced in waist!! :)

These tights are brilliant!!! :) :) I have some similar myself and I think they would go well with the dress and the belt. Adding a bit of colour again and also adding a female touch with the flowers!! :P  And of course, keeping you warm! hehe! :)
 Ok onto accessories now I'd wear this bracelet but in gold to make it stand out more against the black dress and the yellow belt. :)
Again, these rings fit into the cartoon theme I seem to have going on! Plus they continue the fun theme from the dress onto the accessories


I would also paint my nails in Barry M nail polish!!!! I'd go for a gorgeous Pinky colour as the base and then paint this Gold Crackle Effect over the top. 

I thnk these two would look amazing on nails and again these two colours would complement the dress, belt and accessories I have chosen and no NYE outfit is complete without nail polish!
And finally, I would HAVE to wear a jacket a it is SSOO cold out there at the moment!! BBBRRR!!!!! White is a classic colour and goes with anything in my opinion! The studs are just a nod to the latest trend going around at the moment and add a bit of toughness to what is quite a comic outfit!!! :)

And shoes!!!! Well, they could be anything really although I would suggestsome high heels, maybe with studs on to go with the jacket?? But the decision is entirely yours of course! :P

 London Perfume Co
 The perfume the perfume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No girl is ready without a spritz of perfume!!! I chose this because I simply ADORE the design and the atmoizer!!!! Gorgeous! Reminds me of the olden days when perfume bottles were more like this :) 

I also like to think that it makes the outfit a little more 'adult' rather than completely comidic! I was going to go for a Disney-esque perfume but I thought it might bring the whole outfit down so this adds a bit of elegance to my NYE Outfit!!! ;0)

"Sexy Little Thing Noir from Victoria’s Secret is a provocative, fruity floral fragrance. The perfume carries scents of citrus fruits, berries, orchids, and a warm musk and woody base. This popular scent is presented in a sophisticated black bottle with an atomizer, and is available in Eau de Parfum spray" London Perfume Co

So there you have it! My complete NYE Outfit!! I hope you like it! Let me know if you'd ever wear anything like this or what outfit you'd wear! If you're going to enter this Challenge please leave me a link so I can have a read! 

Thanks for reading me!

SARAH xoxo

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  1. Youroutfit is so much fun, I love it! I would totally wear that dress! :)

    I had a go at entering too, my outfit is here if you want to take a peek?


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