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Saturday, 29 December 2012

My Favourite Bloggers!
Hello there...............I do hope you've had a really lovely Christmas and are ready to party again on New Years! :) I will be staying in at a friend's house eating M&S Party Food and drinking Cava!!!! Yay!

Anyway, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite Blogs, the ones I ALWAYS read and am forever lusting after their perfect photos! I wish mine were half as good as theirs! 

 Onto the important stuff! Lets get started with one of my most favourites, I am forever checking her posts out and if I were a fashion blogger, it would be this one that I'd compare it to! :)

I absolutely ADORE Melissa's Blog!!! Her pictures are amazing, the outfits she chooses are gorgeous but you still feel like you could own them, they're not too out of reach for anyone. Her writing is just like you're talking to a friend! How she fits all this in (she blogs EVERYDAY!) alongside her full time job I'll never know!!!! I always look out for her picture coming up in my Twitter newsfeed, as it usually means there's a new post to check out! Follow her on twitter here: media marmalade

 Introducing Milly from Pearls and Poodles! This is one of the first few blogs I came across when i was starting my own and I was always checking it out to see what amazing new outfit she had on or which make-up product she had come across. Her pictures are to die for and the way she writes is just like she's talking to a friend! Sometimes she says things like 'I shouldn't of bought this but what girl could resist?' and I find it amusing how she comes across as a real girl and it is genuinely like you're seeing a friend's new buys! :) She has been blogging for a long time so there are plenty of past posts to have a nose though and I suggest you do! :) I love everything from the beautiful blog header which just draws you in and makes you want to read more, to the most perfect pictures I thnk I have ever seen on a blog. Definitely a favourite and I shall continue to follow her forever more. :) 
Twitter here: pinkpixiedoll
This is another favourite of mine! The lovely Lizzy blogs about everything from nail art, to baking to make up! :) I have not been following her long but I do love everything about her Blog! It's so cute! The design is super sweet and makes me want to scroll down and read her latest post! :P She has been blogging since March 2011 and already has over 800 GFC followers! She must be doing something right! I suggest you give her a follow and check out her posts! :) Twitter: PixieLizziee

 Here is my lovely lovely friend Alessia!!! I absolutely love her blog!! :) She mainly blogs about Make-up and focuses on eye make up which is brilliantly useful if you're something of a novice where creating a smokey eye is concerned like I am! hehe! :P She has also just started a Youtube channel (which you should all check out!). I love how she comes across, again it's like talking to a friend and her pictures are really good as well. The background to her blog is good and it doesn't interfere too much with the rest of the posts/pictures either. She's a very friendly blogger and will always answer your tweets whenever you ask anything! I would love to meet her at some point! :) twitter: lil_alessia
Moving on now to one of my favourite Bloggers, Youtubers and generally one of the most lovely people I have ever had the chance to know! :) Brogan is 18 years old and as well as working full time as a Manager in a baby clothes shop she somehow finds the time to run her own business selling jewellery, handbags/accessories, (The Beauty Closet), blog and youtube!! WOW!! Talk about being busy!! :) I stumbled across her when she did a video for 'Fantasy Shopper' and had entered a competition they were running and from there I found her blog and then her youtube videos, which I have read and watched endlessley!!!! She has actually won a local award for her Business! 'Business Woman Of The Future’ for the Southampton Venus Woman Awards in May 2012' Amazing at such a young age! brogantatexo

Emtalks is a blog which i came across thanks to Twitter! :) I started following and have to say I am pretty much envious of just about everything!! She looks amazing to start with whch means she looks pretty darn lovely in any outfit she puts on! Plus all her pics are amazing, the way she writes her posts is lovely, like you're talking to a friend...I could go on! Unfortunately she has had to deal with her fair share of bullying which just isn't fair at all! Why people who are probably mostly jealous feel they should take that out on someone else is beyond me but there you go! I just knw I love her blog the way she writes and her pictures! Sure I'd kill to look as good as she does and yes you could say she wears revealing outfits but wouldn't you, if you looked like her?! I know I would!! ALL THE TIME! :) She's just a young girl having fun, showing off her body and loving life! Who can blame her for that?! Just go and check out her Blog..........go on!! Twitter: emshelx
Here is another favourite blog of mine! hehe! :) Ellie blogs about Make-up mainly. Brilliant! I just love popping over here and reading her latest offering! Her pictures are really clear, all the content is really interesting to read as well as everything being really pretty! :) Go check it out! Her Twitter is: elliesteadman1

 This is the lovely Hannah's Blog! I can't remember when I started reading it but when i did I literally read it ALL!!!! Like, almost EVERY post!!!!!! I just loved everything from the amazing quailty of the pictures, to the way she writes, to just generally the whole layout!! :) Amazing!!!!! :) She writes like she's talking to you which is one of the things I really love when reading blog posts. The layout is really cool and everything is really clearly laid out which makes it easy to see and then read. Twitter: HannahRipley

Now, moving onto one of my fave YouTubers!! :) I know she has a Blog but to be honest, I don't read it!!!! I just watch all her videos instead!! :P It's the wonderful and amazing, Fleur De Force!!!!!!!!! I'm sure everyone knows her and also subscribes to her videos and blog!  YouTube Blog

I just love all her videos, especially her 'vlogs!' I love being nosey and this is the perfect opportunity to be so! hehe! :P If you don't already follow her, (I mean, seriously, WHERE have you been?!?!?!') GO DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Twitter: Fleur

Right I guess that's it for a few of my fave blogs and Youtubers!! :) I suggest you follow all of these people right now!!!!!!! :) Definitely worth it!!!! 

If you've done any of these type of posts then please let me know!!! :)

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great New Year's Eve!! :)

SARAH xoxxoxoxoxoxoxo


  1. You love so many blogs that I also do. Media Marmalade is great, I think she looks amazing in anything :D


    1. Yes I do!!!!!!! I think there are a few more I could of mentioned too!! lol :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting xx

  2. Replies
    1. They are!!! :) In my opinion anyway!! lol :) Def check them out, thanks for stopping by and commenting xx

  3. Ellie's blog is great and I love Fleur's YouTube Channels. I must check out the others.

    Louise x

    1. I agree with you there! :) You should definitely check them all out, they're amazing! :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting xx

  4. Awww wow thank you!! This is so nice of you! I don't think I've ever felt so flattered in my life! haha Thank you :) xx

    1. Aaaww bless you Hannah!!! :) I really do love your blog, I love everything about it! I wanted to share it with the world! :) Your Welcome my love xoxoxo

  5. Thank you so much gorgeous, really means a lot too me xxx

    1. Not at all my lovely, it's all true! :) xoxoxoxoox

  6. Love these posts!


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