A Sneaky Looksie - My Bedside Table :)

Friday, 4 January 2013

My Bedside Table!

Helllooo there!!! :D I thought I'd do a little Blog Post about what I keep on my bedside table! lol :P I know it looks like a lot......but........uumm........yea. I guess it is!! haha! :) 

(Since this pic was taken I have actually moved the nail varnish and the bodyshop mini bottle of moisturiser and put the Clubcard/Coupon back in their rightful places!!!)

Ok so here we have a little collection :) I have my MOST FAVOURITE body moisturiser and hand cream!! Garnier Intensive 7 Days!! :D I LOVE IT! :D A little tub of Sudocream, always handy to have around, Dove Deoderant (2cans actually a big and a lickle!), some Sanctuary body moisturiser which is amazing!, a little bodyshop one - Mango - and a couple of lovely little beauties from Manuka Doctor which I won on twitter way back in October! lol (post here) I have the Face Serum and the Repairing Face Creams here which I use occassionally, they smell good and work well. I also have a can of a new Garnier deo which I've been testing and so far so good! It's meant to be similar to the Nivea 48hours Black and White one. It smells amazing -better than any other deo I've tried, eve Dove! It works amazingly well at keeping me dry and I really am sad to almost be at the end of it! :( I can't wait until it launches in the UK and I can purchase it!!!!! :/


This is a shot of the Foot and Heel Cream which I also won! It's really good actually have used it a lot, thankfully I have Soap and Glory's Heel Genius to use afterwards :) (You can also see the box for the Repairing Skin Cream, a few cotton pads and a nude Nail Polish from George at Asda!)

 A close up view of a Strawberry Balmi which is amazing!! :P I won this from The Sunday Girl  on Twitter, I already have a Mint one which i got in a Joliebox i got given when I won 2 tickets to 'An Evening of Well Deserved Indulgence' when Joliebox were celebrating Birchbox coming to the UK. :) I bought the Essie Polish in a blog sale, got the Nails Inc Varnish in a She Said Beauty Box and I bought the beautyuk polish from Superdrug. I also hve a tub of Vicks VapoRub which is oh so useful when I feel a bit bunged up and can't sleep! :D xoxo

This is a sample of Aveeno's Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion which I got in a Magazine. :) 

I also have a Blue storage type basket which just holds alot of odds and sods and really needs sorting out!! :/ The white envelope contains some samples of a mineral moisturiser and 2 tinted creams which I'm yet to try out, my nail varnish remover, BodyShop Night Serum which I use occassionally, a Salt Scrub from Sanctuary which came when I placed an order with them, my cotton buds, my Angel Body Wash and Moisturiser, jewellery and a few other I said it needs sorting! :)

I've not used these two yet hence why they're here but I aim to soon! :)

A right mess!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Well, I hope you've enjoyed having a sneaky peek into what I keep in my bedside table :) et me know if you've done any posts of this kind, it would be good to see if anybody else is as messy as me! :P 




  1. I think my bedside table used to be loads messier than that until I started my blog last year and decided that I needed to tidy it up! Haha.

    I love the Garnier Intensive 7 Days range, it's awesome :D

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. haha!! I blame being a beauty blogger!! hehe :) Yes I agree with you about the Garnier range it's possible the most incredible moisturiser I ever tried! :) xoxo

  2. So many beauty products! But they all come in handy so ;)

    1. Yes I admit it I have a problem! lol :) Thanks for stopping by xoxo

  3. I love the cow mobile phone holder! Absolutely obsessed with cows!! Lovely post :) xx

    1. Thanks Hannah I got it as a present a while ago! :) Appreciate you stopping by and commenting xoxo


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