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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win Witch Skincare's #FlawlessFollower Friday competition! I chose my lovely Blogging chum, Hannah Ripley who blogs over at Cosmetic Crave to win as her blog always cheers me up whenever I go over and read! :) We were both chosen to win a product of our choosing from Witch's website

Seeing as I already have their exfoliating facewash and BB Cream I thought I'd go for their 'Skin Clearing Primer'. It says 'holds make up in place and helps protect skin from the causes of blemishes' Sounds good to me as I have blemish/acne prone skin and anything to help me out is welcome! I love that all of Witch's Products, even their make-up, are made specifically target blemish prone skin. I have used their blemish stick before when I was younger and I just wish i had continued to but hey ho we live and learn. :) 

It has a lovely pump which I think we all adore as it allows us to get out just the right amount of product needed. :)

It comes out as a white liquid which is quite thick but spreads easily once rubbed in :) 

This is it rubbed in, you can't really see it but it just gives a nice sheen across my hand and feels really soft. :) 

 The one thing I love about Witch Skincare is that it is all targeted towards helping your skin become blemish free, all using the natural substance that is Witch Hazel. We all know how good that is for our skin! :) 

"Why Witch Hazel??
For more than 40 years, Witch has used witch hazel, nature’s clever ingredient. It naturally cleanses, tones and soothes, leaving your skin perfectly balanced, soft and healthy looking. That is why we use it in all our products. Witch is suitable for a wide range of skin types, but it’s on oily or combination skin that the power of witch hazel can prove particularly effective." Source

"Combination skin is very common – some areas of the face are oily while other areas are dry. Typically, there is an abundance of oil and shine in the T-zone, which is the forehead, nose and chin. This area is more likely to have excess oil due to larger, more active oil glands. The area around the cheeks, eyes and temples tends to be normal or even dry due to fewer and smaller oil glands. People with combination skin may find their concerns over oiliness and dryness can change based on the skincare and cosmetic products they use and also with the change of season. In winter, normal or dry areas may become rough or flaky, while in summer the T-zone may become oily and shiny." Source


I can't wait to start using this and see the effects it has on my skin! I need more Witch Products in my life!!!!!! :) 



  1. I've tried this primer, I really loved it. Will have to fish it back out of my collection at some point! xo

    1. Thanks Chloe! :) You'll have to let me know how you get on with it! I'm just upset I can't take it away with me! lol :) x x

  2. I need a new primer so I may have to give it a go! My skin is really upset at the moment because of the silly cold weather!


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