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Friday, 25 January 2013

I entered a competition on Maybelline's Facebook Page where I uploaded a Christmas Look :) I actually forgot I had entered until i got an email saying I was one of their lucky winners!! :O :O Don't ask me which photo it was because I simply cannot remember it was that long ago! haha! ;0)

The letter that arrived with my little goodie bag!!! :D :D

They sent this little card as well, the look being 'Wind Bitten Cheeks' which should be quite easy to achieve given that it's bleeding freezing cold outside at the moment!!! BBBRRRRR!!

I have not really tried anything from Maybelline before so I was intrigued to see how their make-up fared when I tried out this look! ;0) 

So in my goodie bag I got: 'Great Lash' Mascara, 'Dream Satin Liquid' Foundation in 010 Ivory, 'Forver Strong Pro' Nail Varnish in Porcelain Pink, a Colour Sensational Lipstick in 150 'Stellar Pink' and a 'Dream Touch Blush' in Berry! :)

After playing with these products for a while I have really grown to love them!! The Foundation glides onto my skin effortlessly and with the help of my new Real Techniques Stippling Brush it looks flawless. :) 

The Blush is equally amazing and goes on ssoo smoothly without leaving me looking like I'm trying to be a clown!!! lol This is also the first cream blush I've used and it's so smooth I don't think I'll be trying anything different!! :) 

The nail polish goes on well and lives up to it's name of being Strong. It lasted a good few days before it started to chip but it was only a couple of fingers and I was pleasently surprised. The colour is good too a nice pink which I thought was going to be a little paler than it turned out to be! It will go with a lot of different make up looks and outfits.

I am also in love with the lipstick!!! It is an amazingly pale pink which glides on oh so smoothly and leaves behind a gorgeous pink sheen on my lips which lasts for ages!! I'm starting to realise I love a lipstick which is smooth and lasting rather than one which just dries out my lips and I have to constantly reapply lip balm!!!! Boo! :(

The Great Lash Mascara is quickly going to become a favourite of mine as it does not dry out my lashes or leave any clumps. It is really black and I think with a couple of coats, a slick of black eyeliner and dark eyeshadow you could create an easy to wear smokey eye. :) I also love the packaging as the green lid and pink base makes it easy to see in my cup which holds all my mascaras! I have also recently picked up their Maybelline's 'Rocket' Mascara so I'm intrigued to see how that fairs too. :)

I love the look that I created with these products, it is really simple and effortless.

So there you have it! :) I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I won and the look I created! Have you ever tried any Maybelline products?? Let me know, I'd love to see the looks you created!! :) 



  1. I love the Stellar Pink lipstick, so nice x

    1. Aw thanks me too! It's such a gorgeous shade I really want to invest in more from the range! :) xoxo

  2. Wow lucky you!! I've never won a giveaway and this one is amazing! I love Mabeline products, great value for money, they look amazing on you aswell :D


    1. I know!! I never expected to win at all!! :) hehe! Yes I am now converted to Maybelline too I really want to try out more from their range. Thanks for your sweet comment too Cat, really sweet of you xx

  3. congrats!! lucky you. these all look amazing products x

    1. Thanks Hayley!! :) Yes they are all amazing the quality is brilliant too! xoxo

  4. Well done! I've never actually tried any maybelline products I don't think, will have a browse the next time I'm in boots :)

    1. Thanks Kimberley!! You definitely should they're amazing quality xx


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