'Most Worn Winter Things' TAG :)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Thanks to Hannah Sullivan over at beaus of beauty for tagging me to do this post! I like doing and reading Tags as they can help you out when you're lacking Inspiration or are in between writing up reviews because of bad light or whatever! :) They help to fill a gap and give your readers something to nose through and also learn a bit more about you! :)

Right, onto the Questions!

Most Worn Nail Polish

Not sure about this as I've been wearing several different ones but during Autumn/Winter I was in love with Burgandy colours and anything Berry coloured too! :) Revlon 'plum nights' was a good one :)

Most Worn Bag

 Without doubt, my brown cross body bag from NEXT! I Adore it! :) You can see it in the picture above! My mustard yellow coat from Tescos is also my 'most worn' coat for sure! :)

Most Worn Shoes

Probably my trainers as I wear them everyday for work! lol They have sadly now come to an end as they both had holes in the toes! :( lol Got some new boot type trainer things to take with me to Australia so it's all good :) 

These are Karimoor's from Sport's Direct, they were only £18 and are super comfy :)

Most Worn Clothing Item

Again this would probably be my Uniform! lol Not exactly sexy or anything but it helps keep me warm! The dog is Henry a 9yr old labrador! :)

Most Worn Mascara

I totally and utterly and completely ADORE and LOVE this mascara! It is wwaayy better than Benefit's 'They're Real'! Sorry to say but it's true!!!! :) This one is coming away with me!

Most Worn Blusher/Bronzer

 I didn't really wear blusher and bronzer before I bought the 2 Rimmel ones from a Blog Sale, but as soon as I did I used them! :) I won the Maybelline one in a competition they were running on their FB Page :) It's a 'dream' to use, the pigmentation is amaze and just gives me a flush of colour whenever I sweep it across my cheeks! :)

Most Worn Hair Product

 I bought this from Asda and have used it almost everytime I've washed my hair since. It is similar to all them Moroccan Oils which are everywhere but it's a damn sight cheaper at only £4!!! :D It leaves my hair tangle free and manageable when applied to damp hair and soft and silky once dry! :) Amaze xx
I've also used Batiste Dry Shampoo in RED!!!!!!!!!!!! I use this ALL the time to keep my red hair, well, red! lol :) It's an amazing product and I wouldn't be without it! :)
Most Worn Lip Product

 I bought this after a certain Miss Cheryl was spotted wearing it on the X Factor! I adore it and quickly bought more lipsticks in this same colour shade as well deeper reds and browns! :)

I quickly became hooked on Rimmel lippies, espesh the ones that Kate Moss did for them! I have 5 red ones and a black one! hehe! :) Such an amazing colour range and they smell ssoo good too!! :)

Most Worn Foundation

 Not a surprise really! I adore Rimmel make up and this foundation is ssoo amazing! Sits well on my skin doesn't cake or make me oily or slip off because of it. Just perfect and it goes on even better with my new Real Techniques Stippling Brush! :D I also loved their 'Wake Me Up' Foundation and wore that a lot in the summer too.

I was also using this one before I got the new Rimmel one from Asda. It is very good and I was intrigued with its claims to help cover under eye bags and uneven skintone :) Not really used it much since but I will endeavour to try it again as it did work well before xoxo

 Most Used Concealor

Again, another completely and utterly and totally amazing product! It hides and covers anything and everything :) :) A must in many a make up bag and yes this is coming away with me! hehe! :) LOVE IT! x x

I also bought this in Novemeber and I love it too! It's specially designed to help cover under eye bags and I can agree that it does this amazingly well!! :) Another must in my make up bag!

 Most Worn Eye Shadow

I bought this pretty much as soon as it was available on the Debenhams website and have used it ever since! I adore the matt shades and how well it works. The pigemtation on this is amazing and it was my first foray into the delights that is Urban Decay! :) I was super impressed and pleased with it and have since bought their Naked 2 Palette! :) ADORE this little package and yes this is also coming away with me! :)

Most Used Candle

That honour would go to this little tin of wonderment! It smells AMAZING! Like all things nice (HA!) it has cinnamon in it as well as a number of other spices! It's hard to describe but having only recently gotten into the whole scented candle-ness business, this is definitely a fave!!!! It reminds me of Christmas and just generally makes me happy whenever I light it :) 

I could go on and on about all the products I've used a lot this winter, but then a) you'd get bored reading and b) they're beauty products I use on a daily basis, rather than just being a winter product! :) 

So anyway, I hope you've enjoyed reading this Tag, even though I have added my own little bits to it! :) Let me know if you've done anything like this, or tell me in the comments below what products you have been loving this winter! :)




  1. Fab post, I always find these posts so interesting! xo

  2. Love the coat! Tesco always throw surprises at you with gorgeous clothing!
    lovely post :D x

    1. Thanks Hannah me too!!! Espesh the colour! Yes I agree there sometimes you can be so surprised! :) Thanks Hannah :) xoxo

  3. i love that concealer its amazing xx

    1. Yes Alice yes it is! :) haha! Truly brilliant stuff :) xoxo


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