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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Nature's Healthbox.


 A little while ago, the lovely people over at Natures Healthbox were looking for Bloggers to trial a few natural skincare items before they launched their new website. I was only too happy to get involved and I was sent 'Triology: Very gentle calming fluid for sensitive skin' (Buy it here)

It is Fragrance Free, Alcohol Free and Dermatologically tested and contains chamomile, calendula and evening primrose. All of these are natural and can benefit your skin without causing irritation although they do recommend you do a patch test beforehand to see if you react. :)

I have to be honest here, when I first recieved it I wasn't overly impressed. I mean why did I need another moisturiser?? Especially one it's all natural and doesn't claim to actually 'do' anything for my skin???? I reluctantly got it out and started using it as I had been sent it to review............But a couple of months later when I had finally decided to try and sort my skin out by ditching my Freederm spot treatment (and I had run out of my Garnier Pure Moisturiser) I felt I needed something a little extra to use after using my Garnier Pure Active Facewash so I picked this up again and started being a bit more religious with useage!!! :) And I have to say, I am AMAZED by how well this product works!!! I mean, it's got no nasties in it and with it being calming, I thought this may well help sort my skin blemishes/spots out without it actually being a spot treatment as such. 

 I have used it every day and night for the last 2 or 3 months and I'm sad to see it nearly being empty as I have fallen hard for it and don't want it to be! :( I have also used this alone (as it says it can be used so) and it protects my skin very well. It goes on smoothly and blends in easily. It is the 3rd step in my Skincare Routine and one that I desperately want to take to Australia with me! :( *hint hint*

As you can see, it comes out as a white liquid which is easily absorbed by the skin and has a slight scent but nothing harsh, it says it has 'natural fragrances' so this must be from the flowers that are in it. As it's for Sensitive Skin then it definitely will not irritate even the most sensitive of skins. :) 

All in all, I would TOTALLY recommend this product. It is wonderful! It has helped to calm my skin down and does not inflame or irritate which makes me very happy indeed! :) I may just have to purchase this whilst in Australia as funnily enough, it is made in New Zealand!!! If I can find it I will be one very happy blogger! :) 

So, in the spirit of giving and helping my readers discover Natures Healthbox for themselves, they have a little gift: 

25% off Salcura (amazing treatments for eczema, psoriasis, dry and irritable skin)
15% off A.Vogel (a vast range of remedies and tinctures extracted from plants- I cannot recommend the echinacea products highly enough)
20% off Amy's Kitchen (Seriously delicious soups with no nasties; coming for a meat lover and soup hater- I can honestly say that the Hearty French Country Vegetable Soup is wholesome, flavoursome and quite delicious!)

Here is the code to gain an EXTRA 10% OFF!!! : 'BLOGTASTIC2013'*

(* It is valid until midnight on the last day of January. It will be valid on all products available on the site and is in addition to their January offers above *) 

Their official launch is Monday 14th and all discounts will go into place at 12.01am on that day. So, Happy Shopping!!! :) 

Let me know if you've discovered anything from natures healthbox or are going to buy anything from them!! :)

Thanks for reading!!! :) 


P.S find them on Twitter here: NaturesHBox :)

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