Summer Glowing Happened So Fast............

Saturday, 26 September 2015

As the nights draw in and we start to say goodbye to Summer, I wanted to share with you a few ways in which you could maintain a Summer Glow, so searching the internets for ideas, I came across ALOHA and saw they have a plethora of healthy recipes to help keep you glowing all winter long! Check them out here :) xx

So here are MY ideas to achieve that Glow throughout autumn/winter :D

FOOD! This will definitely keep you Glowing throughout Autumn! We all know that certain foods are good for keeping hair shiny, nails strong, skin clear and so it makes sense to keep eating these all throughout the year, rather than saying 'Oh it's Autumn/Winter now, must eat stodgy carbs...' (not that there's anything wrong with that, but we all know how they make us feel if we eat a lot of them all the time, right?!) There's no hard and fast rules when it comes to which foods you can/can't eat when, although eating seasonally does make sense, think pumpkins, potatoes, sprouts, broccoli and parsnips for autumn/winter. It will be cheaper for you too! I personally love sweet potatoes and avocadoes for helping me keep the Summer Glow happening. Not only do they taste amazing (I mean who can't get enough of Avo on toast!?!? Or sweet potato mash?!) but are super good for you appearance as they both contain a healthy amount of good fats (avos especially) as well as the all important skin clearing vitamin A! I swear upping my intake of both of these fruits and veg (yes sweet pots count as 1 of your 5 a day!) has helped me to maintain clearer looking skin for the past couple of months. Great for keeping that summer glow throughout autumn/winter!


BEAUTY. There's nothing quite like a good beauty product or make up item to really transform you from a winter bear into a summer goddess! We are very lucky these days to have so many items on the market which promise to keep the summer glow all year long like fake tans, body moisturisers with added gradual tanner and a whole load of exfoliators and face masks intended to help you reveal what beautiful skin lies beneath !

Personally, I believe that a true glow comes within whatever season it may be. :) Yes, make up can and does help you shine and I'm not denying that at all but I do think that what makes you really beautiful and shine like the brightest star around, is inner beauty. It can be hard to really let that self-confidence shine through but let me tell you, it's definitely worth it! I find reading inspirational quotes really helpful as well as surrounding yourself with friends, family and everything that truly makes you, you.



I love this quote as I really do think that a smile really does light up your whole face as lets your inner beauty shine through.

Smiling in fact, is infectious and you can't help but smile back when someone throws you one! :D It also has the ability to make you happier, even if you're not feeling your best to start with !

Exercise! !

OK so this may seem a bit odd, like 'how can exercising in the COLD give me a summer glow???', but stay with me here!! This is all about maintaining a glow from within and doing more of what makes YOU happy. I've already discussed what makes you truly beautiful is inner beauty and ultimately, if you're feeling good on the inside, it's going to show on the outside too. Plus, we all know how gorgeous we all look with a little rosy cheek action don't we?! Even just going for a walk around your local park or down the road and back will energise you and give you a little spring in your step which is all important for keeping healthy and ultimately, glowing from within!!!

So there you have it, just a few ways I try to keep my body (and mind!) glowing throughout the autumn/winter months! :) I actually don't mind the colder months too much, especially as it means I get to wear my onesie, snuggle down under a blanket, watch films/good TV (read Downton!) and eat yummy winter food!! I'm easily pleased me! Haha! Let me know how you keep your summer glow in the winter, do you do anything different from me?! Anything else I should try!?!? Let's share and help us all to keep glowing!!! :D

Thanks for reading!! Please leave me comments if you have any further ideas to add to my post!

Sarah xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxo

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