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Monday, 7 September 2015

Introducing TOAD!!

Hello there!!! I know I haven't blogged in what seems (and feels!) like forever but I'm back!!! It feels SOO good!!! I've been busy settling back into life after Australia and have actually changed jobs since I came back in December!!

Anyway, enough of that and back to the subject of this Post, my new TOAD Diary!!! :) If you don't know who or what TOAD is then let me introduce you. TOAD stands for Today Or Any Day meaning that just because it's the beginning of September now, doesn't mean you have to buy one only to have wasted the last 9 months!!!

You can have your Diary start in September and last for as long as YOU want it to!!! 9 months, 6 months or even 24 months if you really want it to!! You can choose how the layout is inside too, from having a day to a page, 2 days, or week to view with lines, clear space underneath or a grid on the opposite page. There are a few sizes to choose from to, from A5, A4 to Quarto which is 237mm tall by 177mm wide. There are ssoo many choices for the cover design too, from their new Spring Lines to the standard colours you'd expect. I personally love the Spring designs.

I went for their Spring Faith design: 

Front of my Diary

I actually went for a 16 month diary so it covers me up until the end of February 2017! I think that'll be enough for me......well I hope so!? I mainly did it so I don't have to buy a new one for quite a saving right there!!

What I love about TOAD is, apart from being able to choose when to start it (month and year), the ability to design it yourself. There aren't many companies out there which will let you be in control as to what you want in the first place, whether that be a planner/diary/appointment/academic diary/travel journal/music book/teacher planner....basically anything you want or need they probably have!

It's a great idea and Tim Grinsdale, the Founder, is a brilliant man! He actually came up with the idea whilst searching for a diary one March, with Christmas/New Year long gone, he couldn't find exactly what he was looking for. Plus the designs weren't really his taste! He found it to be a common problem amongest his friends and thought to himself: 

"Why should we settle for something we're not completely happy with? Why can't we have the diary we want, when and how we want it?" (Quote from inside the diary!) 

And Boom, TOAD was born! 

My Diary (showing the inside of it)

I went for a week spread out over the 2 pages as I always like to see what I'm doing/where I'm at all at once. I personally just feel it's easier than having to constantly be turning pages all the time! :) 

What do I find rather funny and quirky, is this: 

Yes! You too can build you very own Toad who will happily hip hop himself all over your diary if you want him too! I haven't yet quite figured out how to this, as I'm not really any good at Origami, but maybe one day I will! :D 

Here you can see the design of both the inside front and back covers. It's all about time and how we never have enough of it and what we do have, we waste! The quote says:

"It's never to late to be what you always might have been" 

This is where the little white ribbon attaches to, so you can always save a place in your diary. Very handy! 

When designing your TOAD Diary, you can always see you changes at every stage so you're not left wondering 'what will that look like?', which is a god-send if you're as indecisive as me! At both the front and back you can choose to have something written there (or not!). I chose to have 'Sunshine's Diary' and then underneath, 'Full Of Very Important Things!'. On the back: 'Turn Me Over' & 'I Hope You Enjoyed Reading!' Just something a little funny really and a unique touch that I feel comes only from having total freedom over the design and look for you diary! :) 

So there you have it, a little sneaky peek inside my new and oh so beautiful TOAD Diary!!!

I cannot thank the team at TOAD enough for being so generous towards me and kindly giftingme this diary! It really has saved me and I'm SO happy with it!! :D ;) PLEASE go and check them out when you're looking for a new Diary or Planner! Also, go say hi on their social media:  

I hope you've liked my latest post, I'll be back again SSOONN with more so please come back to read those!!!

Thanks again,

Sarah xoxoxoxo

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