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Saturday, 17 October 2015

The other day, I did something I had wanted to do for ages! I bought a new domain for my Blog!! As you may (or may not!) have noticed, I am now a '' having got rid of the 'blogspot' part of my blog address! Ahh, I can't tell you how happy this makes me, it just makes everything cleaner you know? Plus it cuts out all that extra typing whilst trying to find me of course!! :)

Ok, so how exactly did I go about buying my domain name??? Well, having seen the adverts on the TV I decided to go with Go Daddy as, well, they were the only company I had heard of who dealt with this kind of thing!!

I headed to their site and typed in which domain I wanted (!) and surprise surprise it was available!! I then proceeded to checkout. I was happy with the price as it was only £3.49 for a year! The way they do it is by 'forwarding' everyone to your new domain. So if people are searching for this blog via the old 'Blogspot' part of my address, they automatically get 'forwarded' to my new domain with the '' part! :) *Kudos if you followed that as it took me a while to fully understand it! haha*

I'll admit I did have to have help from one of their tech supports (Matthew in case you were wondering!) who guided me through the process of actualising my domain name. He was really helpful and I couldn't have done it without him! I am not the most technical (read not at all!) person around so to have someone there to hold my hand and answer all of my silly questions! haha! :P

Whilst everything seemed to be going ok and I had received the email from godaddy saying that it all seemed to be working fine, when I typed it into my address bar I would always get an error page! :( I really didn't know why this was happening and I was going to go back on to the godaddy site and talk to one of their helpful tech supports when I stumbled upon this really rather helpful little site: the wonder forest. There Dana has, rather helpfully, set up a place where she aims to help other bloggers make the best of their own (blogs). 

It was here where I found this post: (She also has another little corner of cyberspace called where there are loads of useful tutorials showing how to make the very best out of your blog with very little stress! :D)

After reading this post, it was like a lightbulb went off in my head, 'TTaaaa-Dddaaa!!!!' THIS is why it isn't working properly!!! haha! I'm not really the smartest when it comes to everything technical and thankfully Dana has it set out in picture form so it is literally like she is spoon feeding you and you can see how it is meant to work out! I mean come on, if a technie-phobe like me can figure it out, I'm POSITIVE you can too!!! :D :P 

One of the main reasons why I decided to buy a domain was simply because I felt I would then have ownership over my little corner of cyberspace. 
I also found this post New Day New Domain  written by the very lovely Lucy Cynthia. In fact it was this post which lead me to Dana! :D Just shows how helpful Twitter can be! 

So there you have it, I hope this post was useful to any of you out there thinking of getting your own domain. I highly suggest you do so though as it makes everything cleaner, not to mention how taking ownership of something can change your Blog and how it is perceived for the better! If you put in the effort now, who knows what could happen in the future! I'm not saying as soon as you do it, you'll be inundated with offers from brands etc, but I like to think that they would take you a little more seriously if they see that your domain is too. :) 

Thanks for reading. Please leave me a comment below if you've ever thought about doing this, or have done it. How did you go about it? Which site did you use to help you out? ;0) Lets be friendly and help each other out. 

Lots of love,


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