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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Today I want to spend a few minutes telling you all about Trilogy, a company with whom I have an affinity for and one which I am lucky enough to have been sent a few products from. I am a massive Trilogy fan as they are 100% natural and all their products smell absolutely incredible! They are the first New Zealand skincare brand to achieve NATRUE Natural Cosmetics Certification Their Oils also have BioGrow Organic Certification, which means that they only use specific ingredients which have been deemed Organic. =) 

"Maximum effect on your skin, minimum effect on our environment™. It's our mission and our mantra." 

"Powerfully natural skincare. We are motivated by three little words: Simple, Pure, Vital. They are our foundation and at the core of everything we do."

As you can see, I have quite a few products from them.....(missing from this pic are 2 pots of 'Everything Balm' and 2 bottles of their 'Botanical Body Wash') I find that they just work and of course they smell incredible! Which is obviously down to the fact that they are made with natural ingredients. 

My most recent item is their new 'Cleansing Balm'*. I was lucky enough to be one of many ladies chosen to trial this and I am SO pleased I was!! I recently used it to remove my eye make-up after my sister's wedding. I needed something which would remove eyeshadow, liner, false lashes as well as some waterproof mascara!! (Quite a feat for even Micellar Water in my opinion!) 

I need not have worried as this stuff simply melted it all away! Literally there was NOTHING left after taking a small amount of this, rubbing it in between my fingers to warm it up and then gently rubbing it onto my eyelids. As it is all natural there is nothing to sting your eyes or irritate them. It just gently works to remove everything kindly and easily.

I have tried numerous eye make-up removers and Micellar water to remove it but they all leave a residue on my eyes, which inevitably leads to panda eyes next morning. With this however, EVERYTHING is removed first time!! 

It is by far the best thing I have ever used and it has very quickly become a staple in my kit as well as a holy grail product! Thank You Trilogy!! :D 

I started out my love affair with Trilogy with their amazing Rosehip Oils 'Everything Balm'* after I accidentally burnt myself on the arm whilst cooking and then a year later was bitten on my forearm by a horse!! 

I started using their 'Everything Balm' instantly to help with healing and then later used their Rosehip Oil to help with the scarring. I am amazed at the results!! You cannot see where I was burnt (even I have a hard time finding it!) and my scar from the bite is seriously fading and reducing in size now. 

I've been using the Oil almost everyday for at least 9 months and now my scar has just about reduced in size so it lays flat against my arm. This is such a huge difference compared to how it started out. It makes me feel better about it as well, gives me confidence to show off my arm and not be worried that people are thinking 'what's the red lump?' =) 

So I wholeheartedly implore you to use this if you too suffer from any scars/stretchmarks which you want to get rid of. 

I had to use this combination again after suffering yet ANOTHER animal bite!! This time from a dog on my hand!! But thankfully no-one would know as there is no scar to speak of, only a slight bit of pain in the locale of the original bite. I am left speechless as to just how well this Oil works. Trilogy, I have BIG LOVE for you!!! 

If you check out this post you can see the first Trilogy product I received which got me interested in other Trilogy products. (Very Gentle Moisturising Fluid - in conjunction with Nature's Healthbox). 

I also use their *Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ on my face after cleansing as it provides intense hydration plus the antioxidant benefits. I was lucky enough to have been sent this to trial and OMG I am in LOVE! I use it after cleansing/toning before serums/moisturisers and find that it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and soft and I'm sure it has also helped even out my skin tone as well as helping me out now that my skin is more dry/dehydrated. 

Although I did use a different face oil when my complexion was more combination and found it still worked well. Just because you have oily skin, don't be afraid to use a face oil! It is actually what your skin is crying out for, rather than trying to make it drier and drier!! =) Give it a go and see if it works for you.

I have been incorporating these oils into my routine for a good few months now and it has become so ingrained that I have repurchased the Rosehip Oil twice and will even be putting it on my Christmas list as I'm almost completely out which makes me so sad :'( 

My Trilogy Oils collection!!! =) As you can see, the Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ has been loved, read thrown around in my make-up bag quite a bit!! Just shows how much I love it! :P 

So you can see I am quite a Trilogy hoarder......but really, if I had to take only 1 brand to a desert island, this would be it. They have everything covered, every skin type is catered for, every issue sorted. They are a perfect brand as not only are their products incredible, but their Customer Service is awesome too! They are a very friendly brand who will happily interact with you on social media and answer your emails quickly with a smile! =) =) 

I know what I'm putting on my Christmas list this year.........I hope I have convinced you to check them out too! Please let me know which products you try out, or have you already got some in your beauty routine?!?! 

Thanks for reading, please go over and say hi on their Twitter and Facebook! Tell them I sent you! Haha! :D 


*Denotes a PR sample. All opinions are of course 100% my own* 

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