Frieda's Fertile Food for Feeding Mummies!!!

Friday, 27 November 2015

Hello there, today on the Blog is something a little different. Today I bring you 2 different snack bars from Freida's Pantry. They are designed to be nutritious, delicious, affordable and readily available! Easily slung in a nappy bag or in a car pocket when out and about with your little ones!

Let me tell you a little more about these amazing bars!!! =) 

'Feeding Food':
These have Magnesium in which help to turn the food we eat into energy plus B vitamins - B1 B2 B3 B5 B6 and B 12, which in turn help to prevent that tired feeling all new mums know only too well! They also contain Oats, Golden syrup, Almonds, Linseed, Raisins, Sunflower Oil, Pistachio, Sunflower and Fennel seeds! Again, there's quite a lot in here it packs quite a powerful punch!! 

These bars are designed with feeding mums in mind, to help them recover, repair and replenish whilst nursing their newborns. Of course you can eat them at any time throughout your pregnancy to help you keep on track of calories and to help keep up your energy levels. 

First Impressions:

This one I liked instantly!! No overpowering fennel scent (thankfully!) and a very pleasing soft, chewy texture which wasn't overly seedy/fruity and certainly didn't taste like a health bar! My Mum was a fan of this one and happily finished it off! A good sign! =) I would happily place this in my handbag for when I am out shopping for the day or out on a long journey! They are very tasty and to me they provide a healthy fix without being overly 'healthy', by that I mean most bars which are made to be so are so full of seeds and dried fruit that it just puts me off! Yes I want those but not so many that it feels like I'm a bird feeding on a seed hanger!!!! 

'Fertile Food' :

This one has Omega 3 & good fats, Proteins, Fennel seed, Flaxseeds, Sunflower seeds, Pistachio kernels, Oats, Almonds, Raisins, Golden syrup and Sunflower oil! Phew! That's quite a list to try and fit into such a small bar!! 

First Impressions:

Upon opening this bar, the overwhelming scent of ainiseed/liquorice wafted into my nostrils!! I was like, "Woah!! That's quite powerful, I guess you're going to have to like Fennel to eat this!! My Mum DEFINITELY will not!!!" (I was also asking her opinion on these bars to help with this post!) But I tried a bite and found it to be very pleasant. It has a soft texture and isn't overly seedy. But I have to admit it was quite difficult to finish it as the fennel was so overpowering!! So I would say you'd DEFINITELY have to love it! 

Final Verdict: 

These bars are primarily for mothers-to-be and breastfeeding mummies, but having tasted them I find them to be the perfect 'health' bar that I have been searching for!! They provide everything I need without that bird seed feeling! The texture is just right, not too tough but also not too soft. It leaves me feeling satisfied until my next meal and I can also be content that I've had my quota of vitamins/minerals & protein for the day too! Perfect!! =)

I hope you enjoyed this review. Something a little different from me but I thoroughly enjoyed doing and I'm hoping to do more, so keep those eyes peeled!! =) 

Check out Frieda's Twitter and Facebook and check out their amazing website too! x

Thanks to the guys over at Freida's Pantry for kindly sending me those to review!! I shall definitely be picking up some more of the 'Fertile Food' ones to keep in my bag!!! 

Cheers guys!! =) Happy Munching :P xoxo

Sarah xoxo

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