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Thursday, 31 December 2015

So I thought I would do a post sharing my love for all my favourite bloggers and youtubers. So here we go! =)

Brogan Tate xo
Now here's a girl who deserves to be top of my tree!! Award Winning Beauty  Blog & a Highly Commended Vlog on youtube! She fully deserves it for the amount of work she puts into each of them & the dedication she shows each week in her Weekly Vlog which is amazing actually. Brogan is someone who is not afraid to show tears on camera & that life is not all roses all the time. It is this quality which makes her so likeable and which has seen her Youtube channel rise to just over 25,000 subscribers!! Too right, B, you deserve every single one of them & I cannot wait to see what 2016 brings for you!
Her Blog is pretty amazing too and completely worth that Cosmopolitan Award. Full of great reviews of everything from a new Lush Hand Scrub or The Thai Square Spa. Not to mention the photos!! =) Gorgeous! Go check her out.


An oldie but a goodie. I have watched Fleur for many years now and I always watch her videos as soon as they land in my inbox! For years she has beavered away working hard on her youtube channel + blog and now it has paid off. She delivers amazing content each week as well as vlogging every other month of the year! Fleur has not only written her first book (The Glam Guide) but has brought out her own range of eyelashes with Eyelure & her own make-up range with Feel Unique. Quite rightly deserved as everything is amazing & it is lovely to see 'behind the scenes' with her husband Mike and their dogs, Treacle, Squidge &; Piglet! =)


Mikhila has been a staple in my Youtube feed for many a year now. Her truthful opinions on the latest gadgets, newest make-up releases are very welcome. As she often says, just because a company send me something I'm not going to put it in a video unless I absolutely love it. It just makes me trust her all the more as you know the opinion will be completely honest! Brilliant and very refreshing! I also love her vlogs, following her family around for a week at a time! Mikhila recently added a new member to her family, Manny the French bulldog! So cute and worth watching her videos just to see him! =) As not only does she do budget make-up she also has a Spendaholic side where she talks about the spendier side of life. But her reviews are just the same whichever side she's on! So if you're after honest reviews and cute family life then Ms Budget Beauty is the woman for you!


Where to start with this lovely lady?! I don't even know. One of the most honest bloggers out there for sure. She's not afraid to post an honesty post about how social media may skew our ideas of perfection and how people on the outside will only get the view you're putting out to the world. But it is totally refreshing to see this and just makes me love her all the more! Plus her travel photography is just to die for! Serious wanderlust right there! I adore Ems and her Blog is definitely one of my favourites. Can we just go to Betty's, eat cake, drink tea and plan to travel, pretty please!?!?!? 



I am a new follower/subscriber of Amelia's but I am very glad to be! Her blog is packed full of gorgeous photography and great reviews of all the cool places she's been to! I especially love her 'Week in Photos' posts as I find it a great way to catch up with everything she has been up to before watching her Weekly Vlog on Youtube! A new favourite and I cannot wait to see where 2016 takes her! It is obvious Amelia works incredibly hard as she only went full time in June and so has spent the last 6 months beavering away so that she could have a break over Christmas! Very well deserved! =) I recommend you check her out and go subscribe to her channel :P

I was introduced to Sophie via Brogan Tate xo! I'm so glad I decided to check her out as she is so sweet and super cute! She lives in London with her actor boyfriend and I believe she still works whilst also producing content for her gorgeous YT channel! She is like an airy fairy Disney princess who just seems to float around London uploading Primark Hauls and videos about her adventures actually working at Disneyworld in America!! =) She is totally gorgeous and I loved watching her vlogmas this year, especially her 'cupcake mug fail!' I'll leave you with that one.....! 


Another new find! Jazzy lives in Kent & posts videos about DIY, Baking, Primark Hauls & super cute videos featuring her boyfriend Nick! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face Jasmine is the Queen of the DIY, whether it's making a USB holder out of an old lipstick, crafting your own Christmas decorations or even trying American candy for the first time! (hilarious!) Jazzy may be a new find for me, but I am so happy I found her channel & I am excited for 2016!
Youtube have no idea how long it's taken me to write this!! My laptop may be fixed but that doesn't mean it isn't still annoying me!!! MEH! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this post and perhaps found some new people to follow =O) Have a wonderful New Year & I'll see you on the other side!


Sarah xoxoxoxoxo
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