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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Our Water Pipe Burst!!!! :O 

Back in October we woke up one morning to find that we could not get water out of the taps!!!! :O What the hell!? Off Dad went to investigate and found that the mains pipe from the road which brings water to our house had burst! (It was very old & rusty though!!) A call was made to Anglian Water in the hopes they could send someone out to fix it........but no, we found out as soon as that pipe leaves the road it is not their responsibility!! Great! So Dad rang Dyno-rod to make an appointment to do a survey and asses the damage. 

In the meantime we had no water. Nothing. We couldn't even use what little water came out of the cold tap for fear of it bursting even more!! MEH...This meant that everything we took for granted from washing our hands, using the toilet, brushing our teeth.......took on a whole other level. We had to use water from the water butt next to the shed as well as borrowing water from our neighbours and friends at the bottom of our garden !!!! 

Did you know that on average every person in the UK uses about 150 litres every day....Scary when you factor in that in the world, 650 million people do no have access to safe, clean water. How would like to walk along a long and dusty road each time you wanted a drink? And when you got there you didn't find a tap with clean water coming out of it but a well with dirty and contaminated water instead. In developing countries as women and girls are left to run the household, they have to walk the equivalent of Oxford Street whilst lugging the equivalent weight of airport luggage on their heads....! Could you do that each time you needed to flush the toilet or wash your hands??? Just to take a 5 minute shower uses 45 litres of water and that washing you've got in the machine?? How about carrying the 50-100 litres needed all the way down Oxford Street.....Not taking into account the fact that the water will be dirty and contaminated..

The Body Shop have partnered with Water Aid to help to provide access to safe and clean drinking water in Mazoria, Ethiopia. With every sale of selected Christmas Gifts, they will make a donation to Water Aid which aims to provide a family with one day of clean water. 

Their aim?? To provide 1,000 families with clean, safe water over the next 10 years. 

1 specially selected gift
1 day of safe water for a family in Ethiopia

For every specially selected gift sold, they’ll make a contribution of 4.4p which can pay for one day of safe water for a family in Ethiopia.

NB Proceeds that exceed our donation goal will provide safe water elsewhere.

I only had to survive for 12 days without water. That's 12 days of 3 people only using 1 toilet and only flushing if absolutely necesssary, 12 days of only showering every few days (Dad & me went swimming & Mum 'borrowed' our friend's shower!), 12 days of only using hand sanitiser after using the toilet and 12 days of lugging buckets in/out. 12 days people!! I was mighty glad to return home on December 5th to find that the boys at Dyno-rod had managed to put the new pipe in and prevent the tank in the loft from overflowing....yes, some bright spark had only connected the cold tap not the hot tap so the tank - which is located in the loft space right above my bedroom -  (thankfully not where I sleep!) overflowed and we almost had a flood! Thankfully their plumber had caught it just in time to prevent a major disaster!!! I cannot tell you how amazing that first shower felt.....wonderful.....#bliss. 

The Body Shop's long-term goal is to provide 3.65 million days of safe, clean drinking water assisting over 1,000 families over the next 10 years. Let us help them get there quicker. It is shocking that in this day and age there are still children in the world who die from contaminated water. Devastatingly around 1,400 children die everyday from the diseases this horrible water and poor sanitation cause.

We are all guilty of taking water for granted, for running the tap whilst brushing out teeth, to taking long showers. Make a conscious effort this season to lessen the amount you use and to do your Christmas shopping at The Body Shop and help Water Aid out too! Win Win!

This post is brought to you as part of a challenge The Body Shop are running for bloggers to bring attention to their work with Water Aid. They are challenging us to live off 40litres of water for one day for the whole household. Its aim is to show just how much water we use each day and how we take it for granted here in the UK. What do you have to prioritise?? What could you go without?? How do you feel when you really think about the water you use?? If you were a parent in Ethiopia, how would you fare??

If you write a blog post about it (like I have!) then send it over to the team at The Body Shop ( and if you're one of the first 15 bloggers who do, you will be provided with a goodie bag worth £50!! :D :O So it's well worth taking up the challenge!! Remember to use the hastag #30PlusWaterChallenge and share it on social media!

My thoughts:

I know my experience was more by luck then design, it still gave me an insight into water useage and how often we use it in our everyday lives. To have to think about going to the toilet before you go, to remember that you cannot flush or wash your hands afterwards. Having to wake up each day and not shower was awful!! I began to feel really horrible in between the few showers I managed to have at the swimming baths or at my Grandparent's house when we visited. You have no idea how amazing a shower feels than when you've been without one for 4 days straight!! We use a heck of a lot of water and it is only when you are without it for any period of time that you become thankful when it is restored. I have tried to be more careful with it since our little incident, like turning off the taps whilst brushing my teeth, to taking shorter showers. It may only be a little thing but it really helps!!! :D 

Thanks for reading and let me know if you take up the challenge!!

Sarah xoxo 

To find out more visit this site: Water Aid

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