Blogger Beauty Box - January.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

So these were the goodies hiding in my first ever #bbeautybox pretty exciting right?! I'm very excited to start using them and give you a better review of each of them in turn! 

Shower gels from I love cosmetics .....these two will be going straight into my shower! I absolutely ADORE this brand as their shower gels, moisturisers etc always smell incredible! =D The only decision I have to make is which to use first!!!! =P 

Lip Liner from MUA I got 'Intense Red' I'll have to experiment with this but I'm happy to have a new liner in my life to trial. =D (RRP £1!!) 

Red Fruit Antioxidant Cream from NUBIS - Not heard of this brand before and I can't find anything about them online so....! I'm intrigued to start using it! =D 

'How Now Brown Cow Gradual Tanning Lotion' from MooGoo I LOVE this stuff!!!!! I mean, THAT NAME!!! Brilliant!!!! It smells like yoghurt which is a great thing as I'm over that biscuit smell you get with most tanners! I can't wait to see if this stuff really does tan my white legs and make me as brown as that dear brown cow! =D 
(RRP £15.50) 

So there you have it!!! The contents of my first Beauty Blogger Box!! I'm already looking forward to trying them all out and reporting back!! Tell me, have you signed up?? I think you should!! Get in there fast for February as they sell out FFAASSTT!! Sign up here: #bloggerbeautybox and talk to the gorgeous Vix Meldrew on Twitter, she's amazing!!! =D Tell her I say Hi will you please?!!?!? =P 

Thanks again!!! 


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