Boutique of Molly FT Sabrina Powder Blue Blazer.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

"Boutique Of Molly is a business that prides itself on bringing you the latest celebrity inspired trends straight to your screen. We offer a variety of luxury garments at low prices with new styles added daily." (source

An outfit post. I know I know, they're very rare here on Writing Rambling, but I'm trying! This OOTD Post features a beautiful blazer from the very lovely ladies over at boutique of molly. I am SSOO in love with it! I adore blazers as I think they finish off an outfit and add a touch of smartness. Blue is my absolute favourite colour so I was beyond happy that this was available in a powder blue colour! It is known as the Sabrina Powder Blue Tailored Blazer

It has two fake front pockets and the sleeves are slightly rolled up, making them 3/4 length, which just hits my elbow. I don't know about you, but if the sleeves were longer, I would always be rolling them up anyway!? 

I thought I would go ahead and take some pictures of it and let you see it in all it's lovelyness! =D Don't mind the friendly neighbourhood kitty come to play whilst trying to take pictures! Haha! I think she felt left out! 

I love the fact that this blazer is so versatile. I could put it with anything and it would just work so well! It would go with everything, from jeans and a cute t-shirt like I have on here to a smarter look for work. 

I hope you liked this different post from me!! I'm a bit nervous to post it actually, as I'm in no way a #fashionblogger or anything and even though there are a few posts on here which would count as #OOTD Posts, (like this one here/or this one/this post!) I have since veered away from doing them and continued on blogging about skincare, make-up and cake! haha! 

Please be nice in the comments!!!! I urge you to check out the #BOM website as they have so many nice pieces on there.....! 


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