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Sunday, 17 January 2016


 On Wednesday 13th January, I visited The Tannin Level with my Mum and Granny for an early girlie lunch together. It was my first time there but I was very excited to try it for myself! 

Walking down the stairs to basement level felt a bit odd but definitely unique! As soon as I saw this quote on the wall just inside the doors I KNEW it would be a good place to eat! 

" Eat what you want and if somebody questions your weight, eat them too! Happy 2016!!"  

 It is full of wooden tables and benches and cute little corners for a romantic dinner for two. As we were finishing lunch, it began to slowly fill up which just shows what a good restaurant it must be if the locals choose to dine here in the afternoon! 

It seemed like quite a big place as it stretched all the way back with more tables to the left and right of this big long bench. 

There was a lot of choice with starters, light bites, soup and a sandwich, mains and of course, desserts!! =P 

We settled on having a bit of garlic bread for a starter and when it arrived we were not disappointed! 

I can tell you it looked every bit as yummy as it looked!!! I loved having the addition of the oil and balsamic vinegar bowl....mmm! It was perfectly crispy on the outside, but oozed buttery garlic-ky yumminess on the inside!! I could for sure have gone in for another round of this and looking back now having only ordered the soup for mains, I SO would/should have done! Next time I promise!! 9/10

Onto the soup....Oh my Oh my Oh my!!! Sweet Potato and Orange silky smooth goodness! It sounded like an odd combination at first but I was intrigued and as you may know, I'm a sucker for anything sweet potato-y!! It was perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the potato being slightly offset against the tang of the orange. It was blended perfectly, it was so silky smooth it was like I was drinking it. Absolutely amazing and a definite .10/10 ! 

The two hunks of bread were just the right side of 'healthy' with a few seeds in but not enough to detract from the absolute yumminess of the bread itself! And of course I slathered them both in butter and proceeded to dip them into said soup! 

My Mum opted for the Seafood Pancake. The waitress commented that she hoped my Mum was hungry as it was such a big portion! Mum said it was very enjoyable, generous both in size + portions of fish. (Big prawns instead of small shrimpy sized ones!) The only let down was a lack in seasoning, but this was soon fixed by using the on table salt+pepper. I did have to help Mum out in finishing it, as for her it was a little on the big side and I can say that both the pancake and the seafood were delicious! A little like a fish pie but with pancake instead of mash! 8/10

So all in all, the food, the service and the setting all lent themselves to a lovely girly lunch. I would definitely recommend The Tannin Level and I myself would love to go back, maybe to sample their dinner menu. 

Have you ever been here, what did you have?? Have you tried any of the other restaurants in Harrogate??

We actually went to Le Bistrot Pierre on Tuesday night which was lovely but the service did let it down somewhat & so did the £9.95 Steak Frites! I know it was only a cheap cut and I shouldn't have been expecting fillet steak, but I just dislike tough, fatty pieces of meat*! It just puts me right off! But the Frites were very yummy and were demolished within minutes! (I was going to blog about that but after a tiring day the last thing I wanted to do was to bring my camera & try to remember to take pictures before I ate it!! Maybe next time!) 

*Not ALL of the steak was fatty & tough, just a small portion of it & it did have a tasty shallot and red wine butter sauce. The other portion was in fact quite satisfactory & I did eat all of THAT! :P 

Jacket: Flea Market, Adelaide, South Australia
Scarf: Primark
Top: Primark
(Black leather jacket seen in above photo is also from Primark!)
On my eyes I'm wearing Benefit Roller Lash and on my face I just have a light dusting of Collection's Loose Powder. On my lips I have a Moisturising Lip Butter in #4 Perfect Plum also from Collection.

The Tannin Level bar+bistro, Town Centre Harrogate HG1 1LE. (01423) 560595 

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