Ultimate fashion trend guide for 2016!

Friday, 15 January 2016

Ultimate Fashion Trends for 2016!
Fashion for 2016 really embodies and embraces the splendour of youth. It’s fun, playful and not short of colour. Blossom with floral prints, sparkle with crystal embellishments, continue your love affair with that striped tee and bring back the free spirits of the 60s and 70s. Dressing to impress and accessorising is set to be real fun in 2016 and our high street stores are awakening us to new fun possibilities.

Romantic Florals.

We are no newbies to floral print, we’ve been wearing multiple variations since before I can remember. Floral print is going nowhere this year, blooms shall continue to flourish on clothing and accessories throughout 2016. As we prepare to come out of the darker winter months, ready yourself for a burst of spring floral colour. We can expect to see a slight adjustment in the appearance of most prints, introducing more vintage tones such as vintage-inspired greens, deep rich pinks and classic creams.  Floral tonnes are taking on much darker mood with designers using jet black backgrounds. You can still embrace your inner lady but in 2016 be ready to embrace it with more Victoriana feel.

Sequin Embellishment
Prepare to sparkle in 2016 with crystals, sequins and costume gems.  Don’t be afraid to be the brightest in the room; classic shapes and styles that we’re so used to wearing will be getting a well-deserved make-over as designers embellish traditional styles with all things bright and sparkly.  Don’t be fooled by thinking sparkles are for evening wear only, we’re talking every occasion - t-shirts, day dresses, and even denim. Move away from delicate beading towards a stronger, linear deco patterns in sequins. Party dresses, 1920s dresses, clutches and even some bridesmaid dresses! This look has come straight from the catwalk with big designers such as Burberry and Marni introducing an element of sparkle.  This trend is going from red carpet to real girl, with plenty of variations to make it work for you.

Stripes are set to remain a key fashion trend in all forms for 2016, we’ve all tried out the classic French top look, maybe experimented with the deckchair vibe. It’s hard to walk down Oxford Street and not see another person wearing a striped basic tee similar to your own, be it male or female. We do love them after all! Modern striped shirts have been gracing our wardrobes since 1917 when Coco Chanel shared them with the world after a trip to France’s South Coast. This moment in history represents one of the first time women’s clothing took inspiration from male fashion. The look was originally inspired by a hard working fisherman working on the dock. The whole style is a go-to-safety outfit that we are guaranteed to feel comfortable in, yet classy.


Mastering the 1970s in 2016 requires you to be a little savvy. This really is a mix up of all trends, so a little bohemia spirit with the magic and sparkle of added embroidery detail. Imagine a boho mix of fringe, orange florals, suede accessories and floppy hats. The image creates a picture of a bohemian girl lost in a magical world of unicorns, pastel colours and bejewelled pieces. Expect to see a lot of pastels and metallic threads. Mint, Lavender, soft pink, baby blue and silver will be taking over our high street stores this spring/summer. Your holiday wardrobe will be full of long flowing dresses with this trend encouraging you to let out a little inner flower power.

60s Shapes
Perhaps the 70s just isn’t quite you. Say hello to 60s mod fashion, from A-line dresses to hints of pop art culture. This look is so hot right now and is set to continue gaining popularity throughout the year. Designers are desperately wanting us to feel a sense of nostalgia again and again and again.  We’ll be seeing an increase of long skirts with buttons, pinafores and mini dresses.

It seems we have a lot to look forward to in 2016, I hope you feel inspired and ready to get started on that spring wardrobe. Be brave with your colour and certainly be prepared to sparkle! I’m such a huge fan of the concept of fun in fashion; what we wear certainly reflects our mood and how we go about our everyday. It seems life could be due to get that little bit brighter! As well as top fashion tips, be sure not to neglect your beauty regime. I recently shared with you my top tips for remaining healthy and maintaining our beautiful natural shine. Be sure to check it out - I sure knows what makes us ladies glow.  I hope you’ve found this ultimate guide useful and enjoy making yourself look beautiful!


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