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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Do you ever struggle to focus whilst working?

It can be tricky trying to find that right music station or cd which will lead to hours of positive work creation..! We all too easily head to Spotify or our iTunes playlist to get us through a mountain of emails or to feed our creativity whilst attempting to write up a blog post or 3! I know I am certainly guilty of putting on my favourite music and getting so into it that I forget about what I was meant to be doing....! Not so good when you're trying to revise for exams I can tell you!! 

Therefore, let me introduce you to Focus at Will , a brilliant service which allows you to create your own playlist of calming music which has been proven to help you focus on your work. (Upto 400% MORE Productivity! Source) With a wide range of different channels there is bound to be something you will get on with. The player has three tempos depending on which mood you might be in, Low setting to mellow you out and the High setting for when you need to get motivated! The Medium setting is the perfect in between for when you need motivating, but not quite as much as the High setting provides. 

Even the player itself looks calming! For me there's nothing more peaceful than looking at a picture like this, I instantly just feel like I can breathe and go 'Aaahh'. 

Within each of the 13 musical choices, LABS gives you a sub-menu of 10 other musical genres so there is plenty of choice available and they have all been carefully chosen to ensure maximum productivity. Cinematic has been my choice and I've found this to be especially relaxing and I've even heard some music which I've recognised which then leads me to click back onto the player and see the name of the track - a handy little tool actually. I like to be able to know the names of tracks. (You can also skip tracks if you don't immediately like the sound of them which is good! You can restore them later though so don't worry about losing them!)


There is also a timer button which is perfect if you need to get a lot of work done in a set time. Click it once for 100 minutes, or twice to set it for your preferred time duration. 


There is even an in-built Productivity Tracker, which records your productivity and enables you to customise your sessions. Review after a week and see which music and energy level settings have helped you and personalise it to engage your cognitive rhythms.
You can easily check your 'previously heard artists' too in case you hear something you love and want to investigate further. 

All in all, Focus at Will aims to provide you with a service that enables you to be more productive. No more will you be distracted by heavy beats, loud base, or even lyrics! Just pure music which just sits in the background and doesn't distract you from the task in hand. 

I have been using it for the last 10 days and I love it! According to my productivity tracker I have been 75% more productive whilst searching for jobs, I just hope this leads to a new job! 

If you would like to grab yourself a free trial then please click this link and have 15 days on me! Aha! I'd really love it if you'd take a listen and let me know how productive you've been! 

Find information on subscriptions here.

Lots of Love

*I was given this service in exchange for a review! 

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