Mother's Day Gift Guide

Thursday, 4 February 2016

What to get your Mum for Mother’s Day

It can be seriously tricky figuring out what to get your mum for this very important day. After all, your present needs to adequately show your mum how amazing she is and how much your appreciate her. These days Mothers aren’t just the traditional kind any more; sure, they love chocolates and flowers still, but some mums like fine dining and music gigs. With that in mind, I've put together a guide on what to get your Mum no matter what she’s in to!

That product she really wants

This one can be easy if you know something she’s had her eye on for a while. If you both like the same kinds of bags or perfume then go with your instinct and get something you would like. Think about brands you both like, or perhaps products you own that she’s commented on. You won’t go far wrong! If you’ve heard her comment on something she thought was gorgeous, perhaps something from a magazine she reads regularly, go for that. 

Popular products include:

- A handbag

- Perfume

- Jumper

- Jewellery

- Cooking products

Make her feel pampered

Does your mum like beauty products? Does she like spas? If your answer is yes to those then this will be easy peasy! If she’s free then arrange a spa day for the two for you. You’ll have plenty to choose from regardless of where you live and you can frequently get great deals on places like Groupon. If you think you’ll struggle to find a date when your mum is free or perhaps she prefers relaxing at home, create a ‘home spa’ kit. Include luxury body products to make her feel treated, as well as her favourite magazine, some of her favourite beauty products (sneak a peek at her dressing table), a face mask, chocolate, and a scented candle. You can buy a gorgeous Champneys 'Spa At Home' set here

Time with you

This is always a winner! All mothers like to spend more time with their children, so you’ll make her a very happy woman if you arrange some quality ‘mother-daughter’ time. Plan an evening or a day out, focusing on something you know she’d enjoy. If she likes eating out, take her to her favourite restaurant or a new one that caters for the cuisine she loves. If she prefers getting out and about, why try a short of mini break and go to somewhere like London for the day. Or why not fly her to the Isles of Scilly? It’s a quaint and popular destination and you can visit the beautiful gardens of Tresco whilst you’re there! Stay there overnight, at one of their spas. If you can't afford to go abroad, how about staying in Cornwall?

She really wants to try…

Is there something she’s always wanted to try? Maybe it’s abseiling, fine dining, or a hot stone body massage. Look in to it for her and find somewhere she can do it. If it’s something she might not be brave enough to do on her own, go with her. That way it’s 2 gifts in 1 – what she’s always wanted to try and time with you. Can you say ‘best daughter ever’?!

She just owns everything!

Argggghh! OK, don’t panic. You may have the most difficult Mother to buy for but you still have options. When someone owns all the things they need and want, you have to think about what goes beyond ‘buying a product’. The answer is ‘a personalised product’.

Products that you can get personalised, such as putting their name on it, or getting them a personal gift, shows not only you know them but also that you’ve put a lot of thought in to it. In short, it says ‘I care’. 

There are many companies that offer a personalisation option when you buy from them so just choose something your mum likes. Products easy to personalise/create:

- Rolling pins

- Cups and glasses

- Jewellery

- Metal gifts

- Old photos – get the colour restored and create a ‘reminisce’ album of old memories 

She’s a classic

You’re in luck, there’s no stress involved in the mum that loves the traditional chocolates and flowers bundle. Choose a beautiful bouquet or her favourite flowers or ones in colours she loves and write a lovely message to go with them. Get her some sumptuous chocolate treats too. To make her work friends envious, have everything delivered to her when she’s at work. All her colleagues will wish you were their child too!

Whatever you do together, I wish every Mum, a very happy Mother's Day xoxoxo

Lots of Love

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