Meet the Blogger Series - Interview 5

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

I have decided to start a new series here on Sunshine Sarahxo after meeting so many lovely bloggers on Twitter I would like to get to know them. So I am going to try to recruit as many as I can as I think everyone deserves a chance to be in the spotlight. =)

Q1: Hello there, nice to have you here on Sunshine Sarahxo! Please could you introduce
yourself and tell us a little bit about your Blog: 

Hi guys, my name’s Amelia and I run the blog and youtube channel xameliax! My internet space is classed a luxury lifestyle where I write and chat about amazing places to eat, boutique hotels, gorgeous spas, great beauty products, luxury travel and everything else in between! I also weekly vlog on my youtube channel along with makeup and hair tutorials and hauls.

Q2: At what point did you decide to make a Blog and share it with the world?? 

I decided to start my blog in my second year of uni in 2009 when I found out what a blog actually was! I’ve been blogging ever since. I started my Youtube channel three years ago and haven’t looked back!

Q3: How would you describe your writing style? Has it changed over time at all? 

My writing style has always been relaxed - I tend to write how I talk!

Q4: Was there anyone in particular who inspired you? Which Bloggers do you emulate? 

At first I didn’t know any other bloggers so I was kind of on my own! But now just the hard work and kind spirit of our community inspires me, it really is incredible to be a part of.

Q5: Do you have anything in the pipeline on the Blog which you are particularly excited

I’m going on my first ever ski trip next week so I can’t wait to write and vlog about my
experience. Apart from that I’ve got some very exciting secret projects in the pipeline over the next two months and I may be going sailing in July - you heard it here first folks!

Q6: Does anyone else know about your Blog? What do they think about it??

Now it’s my full time job everyone knows what I do and for those who aren’t in the blogging world it’s absolutely fascinating!

Q7: Are you obsessed with Lush!?!? If YES what is your favourite product?!

I haven’t bought anything from lush in a while but I used to LOVE their cosmetic warrior face mask - it worked wonders for my blemishes….i should probably pick up another pot of that!

Q8: Has your Blog helped you in other areas of life?! 

My blog is now my business so I’ve learned so many business and networking skills from my blog. It’s also helped grow my confidence and made me a lot more self assured which I used to really struggle with before. There are so many skills we learn from blogging without even realise it!

Q9: What is it that makes you so fabulous?! 

Haha! What a question! I honestly have no idea - my tagline has always been “A cup half full kinds girl” so maybe my positive attitude :)

Q10: Finally, can you recommend anything to us today!? (Skincare/Beauty/Tv
Show/DVD/Music/Food Item...anything!)

I'm currently sat here using Lanolips lip balm to help my super cracked winter lips - it’s a lifesaver and one of my holy grail beauty products...and it tastes like honey!

So that concludes our 'Meet the Blogger' for today! Thank You so Much for taking the time to answer these questions today, much appreciated!

 Please take the time to check out the blog/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram etc, be sure to leave a comment saying you found them via Sunshine Sarahxo! Thank You!!

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