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Friday, 12 February 2016


So last week I was browsing Twitter as you do and came across a competition being held by the guys over at @thatlamecompany to win a 'dream big' print! Of course I entered as I loved the print and with it being an easy 'follow and retweet' kinda comp and with me being the lazy kinda lady I entered!!

Now imagine my surprise when I opened twitter a few days later, to find that I was one their lucky winners! YAY! So happy to have won their 'dream big' print as I love inspirational quotes to get me motivated. (=

RRP £2.99
 Unfortunately, when it arrived it had a black mark on the top if it! Where this had come from no-body knows, but as ever the guys @thatlamecompany were awesome about it and happily replaced the print for each of their winners and even gave us an extra print for the inconvenience!! How generous of them!! (=

I love these prints, they are very well made and you can tell that a lot of work went into making them! I love how awesome they look on my windowsill! In fact, that's where still are! I reckon they might actually stay there as they look so good, what do you think?!

thatlamecompany also do a ton of other stuffs besides these amazing prints!!! Such as phone cases, deskpads, to-do lists, notepads and art prints. My favourite art prints are these ones, called 'Insulting Incentives!' guaranteed to ensure you get tons of work done! AHA!

RRP £4.99
I love these and have actually asked to be gifted them from @thatlamecompany via @bloggers_hangout ! Fingers crossed I'm lucky!! They are just what I need to get my arse into gear and get some work done!!!!! (= HAHA! If you're anything like me, you're all about wanting to get work done but actually doing it, is another thing entirely! So having these in my life, would 100% definitely make me motivated to work......for sures!! *hint hint* ;-)

I suggest that you go and follow them on Twitter, check out their website and browse their selection of products because they are just all around awesome and deserve lots of recognition!

I would just like to say a massive THANK YOU to Charlie and Chloe for choosing me as one of their winners, as I absolutely love these prints and will definitely be back to purchase more items from you!!! Well Done!!!!!! One VERY happy blogger right here!!!! >.<

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