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Monday, 7 March 2016

Welcome along!! I hope you've got yourself a good cup of tea (or coffee!) because today I want to talk to you about CAKE!!!! Yes, finally there's once again CAKE on my Blog!!! #YUM

The lovely guys over at Eat Your Photo very kindly sent me these cupcakes for to review! I know, it's a hard life sometimes!! The wonderful thing about Eat Your Photo is that you can literally, EAT a photo!!! :O You choose which picture you want and the clever guys in the bakery will transform it into a sticky, gooey and very edible fondant topper!! Perfect for that surprise party you've been planning, or if someone's leaving at work!! Who doesn't love an edible photo??!

They arrived VERY promptly at 8am the VERY NEXT DAY after emailing the guys my chosen design!! If I have to get out of bed for a delivery, it best be a good one and this was the BEST delivery to get out of bed for!!!! haha!! =)

The photo I chose is one that brings back many very happy memories for me. This was taken whilst onboard The Solaway Lass in the Whitsundays, Queensland Australia in 2013. What makes it even more special is that I was with my sister at time. Watching that sunset is still one of my happiest memories from that trip. It was amazing.

I love how photos can conjure up memories and I think it's brilliant that you can make someone smile whilst giving them a treat at the same time. #winwin

The cupcakes I received were chocolate!!! OK, I'll just be a minute...right I'm back! They were (and are! I have 1 left!) totally and utterly delicious! The cake itself was moist and light, the fondant icing gooey and sticky and the fondant photo topper itself a delight. The only con I would say about these and it makes me sad to even say it, but we did find that perhaps the fondant was a bit too sticky/gooey, leading to the casing being difficult to remove from the cupcake itself. I did find as well that the ink from the photo transferred into my fingers afterwards.

I couldn't be happier with these cupcakes. Mess and all, because generally there are fewer things nicer in life than a good cake. They felt VERY personal and special because they have my photo on. They were ALMOST too good to eat! AMOST........!!  

The team at Eat Your Photo can turn ANY photo into a cake topper!! Any size from a postage stamp size right upto A3! The best bit is that they are totally customisable too, for example, text can be added or a montage can be created. The possibilities really are endless. These can then be sent to you with full instructions to add them to your own cake making a very special and unique edible photo. Just email them or send a hard copy in the post! #JobDone  

Big thanks to the guys over at Eat Your Photo for being so generous and sending me over these delicious cupcakes for me to review. I really loved them (and so did the people I shared them with!) they were a massive hit and I couldn't be happier having an 'edible photo!'

  So, as well as having my own cupcakes to chomp upon, the Eat Your Photo guys are honouring a Giveaway!! Yes, you too can win your very own 6 cupcakes with your photo on! Amazing ay!?!?

Giveaway Rules!!
  • UK only!!!!
  • 1 winner!
  • Winner will be contacted via email so please leave this for me. They will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen.
  • MUST follow all entries in the Rafflecopter Widget!
  • Eat Your Photo will be given the winner's email and it is up to the winner to communicate with them for your #ediblephoto prize.
  •  The Giveaway will run from Monday 07th March to Thursday 31st March.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Let me know which photo you would use to have on top of your cakes!!! =P I'd love to know! Best of luck in the #Giveaway =)


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