#Smallbiz Special Feature - Forever Memory Bears

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Forever Memory Bears - #SmallBiz Special Feature!
Today I would like to talk to you about a very special small business, one where the memories of your most precious are treasured forever. These handcrafted bears make for a very personal keepsake.
So grab yourself a cuppa, sit back and let me tell you more about this amazing company!
 Forever Memory Bears is Hampshire based company and started when Kirsty and Wayne were doing the usual 'Spring Clean' when they happened upon the usual pile of baby clothes. Not wanting to let them go as the clothes held such fond memories of their daughter; they began looking online for inspiration. Having decided they would attempt to create a bear from the clothes, they agonised for a while before being brave and cutting up the clothes. The result?? A gorgeous bear which they could treasure forever. When friends and family commented, wanting one of their own and the resulting pictures went onto social media, more and more requests followed and Forever Memory Bears was born!

Each bear is lovingly handmade and can be customised to your own requirements. They don't have to be made out of baby clothes either, they can be made out of a dearly departed loved ones clothes, a graduation outfit, a uniform, even a wedding dress! The possibilities are endless! Each and every bear (or bunny!) is unique and the craftsmanship involved is incredible! They take 5-8 hours to make and you an even put in a 10second recordable message, a message embroidered onto a footpad or even a child's drawing captured on cotton and used within the fabric of the bear. So you see, you really can make something unique to you.

How about creating something personal from your wedding dress?? This gorgeous bear was lovingly created from a bride's dress, garter and shoes!! I love how Forever Memory Bears can turn their hand to create a bespoke and most treasured keepsake. Just look how beautiful this Bride Bear is???

They can even create a special memory bear from your honeymoon if you like! Just post them your chosen t-shirt/clothing item and voila! Your Memory Bear is created!
Bride Bear

Clothing + Materials:

Newborn 7-9 items per bear
Baby 5-7 items per bear
Toddler and Child 3-5 items per bear
Adult 2-4 items per bear.

Ideal fabrics: Cotton jersey, fleece, corduroy, denim, basically anything with a stretch.
Not suitable: Thickly padded items, fine/delicate materials an animal fur.

Turnaround time is usually 14 working days but during busy times this could increase to three weeks. Plus, it all depends on how fast Royal Mail are working that day!

Each bear is lovingly created and is a beautiful keepsake, helping to create wonderful memories for years to come. They come beautifully wrapped in tissue paper with a certificate showing authenticity and the date they were created. Care is taken with each individual bear to create something truly personal and bespoke. I truly adore these bears. They are beautiful.

If you're interested in having a bear for yourself, I can help. The lovely Kirsty and Wayne have set up a special code for my readers which entitles YOU to £25 off their very own bear! Yes, you too can receive your very own Forever Memory Bear bear for only £40. A VERY special price, one which will hopefully entice you to wander onto the Forever Memory Bears site to start your very own creation. Just enter code: WRITINGRAMBLING at the checkout to receive this special £25 discount*. You could even give it as a gift if you know someone who would appreciate and love their own Forever Memory Bear.

Something awesome about FMB is that they offer discounts to NHS, Armed Forces, Emergency Services, students and senior citizens on all products in their FMB Family. Cool huh?! They work with several partners on this, so get in touch with them to discuss your discount.
So there you have it. I have really enjoyed writing this piece and discovering more about the wonderful world of Forever Memory Bears. I hope I have persuaded you to take a look at their website and perhaps make your own Forever Memory Bear.


*I am working with Forever Memory Bears on this post and may be gifted my own Bear through any sales created using my code.

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