An LYDC WIshlist Post!!!!

Saturday, 19 March 2016

LYDC Wishlist!

Today I bring you another Wishlist post!! I find these types of posts very fun to read as it gives you a good insight into what that particular blogger and what sort of items they are into! Mine is all about bags today, specifically handbags from LYDC. A brand I've come across recently through Twitter and I'm so pleased to have found them! They stock loads of bags, purses etc from a few different brands, all conveniently located on the one site for easy shopping for us!

I love a good handbag, more and more I'm finding I love one which is roomy enough for all my crap (meaning I have a place to stash my coat/jumper/scarf) but also has a long strap so I can wear it cross body! I found my current red leather handbag in BHS actually and I love it! It's a gorgeous dark red, with an adjustable strap with a handy pocket on the back of it! Brilliant! But ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you that I'm always on the hunt for my next bag, even after finding 'The One!' That's where this Wishlist comes in, it allows me to shop around but without the painful handing over of the card at the end of it!

Now I love a good backpack/rucksack, I have one actually from TKMaxx which I love and I love having my hands free. Especially important whilst travelling around I like not having to worry about where my bag is, or using one hand to hold it should. I need to be able to quickly get at my train tickets/sunglasses/map/camera. So I love this Lulu Traveller one, the print is very funky and screams holidays!! >.<

The Wicker Vison Tote is gorgeous! Big enough to fit in a laptop/kindle/iPad and all relevant chargers with enough room for the all important camera! It can be worn over the shoulder which is great as it will save my arm from having to carry it around! Blue is my favourite colour and the pattern on this one is very on trend and breaks up the baby blue enough so as not to make it completely one colour. An ideal 'blogger tote' this one!

This Urban Roots Bag is a favourite of these 3. The colour and the overall look of it just resonates with me so much! It looks quite slouchy yet structured enough to hold your laptop/iPad again. The studs on the bottom give the bag stability and prevents the bottom of the bag from getting dirty when you place it on the floor. The zip pocket at the back is a great place to stash your phone/train ticket/oyster card for easy accessibility. Whenever a bag has a feature like this it always makes me smile because there's nothing worse than having to root around in the depths of your bag all the time! Very handy and with it being at the back which is likely to be closer to you, safe.

When I was scrolling through the LYDC site, I was INSTANTLY drawn to this Caldy Backpack in this beautiful Ox-Blood colour!! I mean, just LOOK at it! >.< BEAUTIFUL! This bag is a thing of beauty, with the big flap at the front to the little gold 'feet' all come together to make it stand out from the crowd and instantly takes me back to old-school cool! I really love it and at only £18 it's a steal!! Race you to the checkout!!!! >.<
On the flip-side, this Arthur B Bag is very sophisticated. I was drawn to this one because of the bow on the front. I know.......that's just one feature of this amazing bag and yes it is, but I just love it. I love the creamy/beigey colour of it, I love how deep it is inside, I love how the handles allow me to wear it over my shoulder, I love how the buckles on the straps allow me to alter the length of them.....there's a whole lotta love for this bag! Again, a really good price at only £26.40 too!
This Stripe Sensation Shoulder Bag has everything I want in a bag, a long strap, room inside to hold everything I need it to, as well as a funky colour to make it stand out from the crowd! What's not to love?!

I hope you've enjoyed coming with me on this LYDC journey!! I do so love a good handbag...I'll definitely be back soon!! Have you been on their site and found anything you like?? What do you think of my choices?? Would you pick any of the same styles as me? I'd love to know! Please comment away!!

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