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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Doll White Teeth Whitening #Review

During Christmas I took part in a #TwitterParty being held by the lovely ladies over at Bloggers_Hangout and a few brands were there ready to meet bloggers, connect and allow us the opportunity to be gifted some great products. I was lucky enough to be one of the few to be gifted a Magnitone at that same party, you can read all about that here.

Doll White were also there and I was very happy to have been gifted a 7 day course of their famous teeth whitening strips to trial. Here's what I thought!

The pack contains 7 strips, enough for a full week's trial. The white package they come in is very sleek and the perfect size to take away with you. The strips themselves are contained within another black pack and are easily opened. Each packet contains two strips, one for your upper teeth and another for the lower. They are easy to attach to your teeth and at first do feel a bit strange, especially if you're not used to them but soon enough you forget they are there and can carry on as normal. They should be left on for 30 minutes.

I'll admit that they did feel a bit odd so I preferred to do them at night whilst in bed or winding down for the night. I brushed my teeth prior to putting them on but you can just as easily apply them beforehand and then use the brushing to get rid of the gel residue. I found there was a lot of this and I needed to go back in for a second time to ensure it had all gone.
Easily enough done!

The results were instantaneous. I suffer with yellowing on my teeth and no amount of brushing has ever got rid of it, but within one use of these they had lifted off that yellow staining and left me with white teeth I wasn't sure were actually mine! >.< I wasn't sure what to think when I peeled off that first strip as I'm so used to seeing (that yellowing) I was worried they had lifted off actual plaque but upon further usage I knew this wasn't the case! Phew!

I am very thankful to dollwhiteuk for letting me trial these strips as I now know them to work and are perfect for a quick fix. I do not think they work long term but for those times you have an important event coming up they are perfect. I have a few left and will be using them this weekend before we go out for Easter Lunch. Thanks guys!

Have you used anything from Doll White before!?? What do you think of teeth whitening?? What products do you use to keep your pearly whites shining brightly!?!? =)


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