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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Jewellery & Make-up Bag Review

A while ago, Becky from Lifestyle Blogger put out a tweet asking for bloggers who wanted to review some of her jewellery. Of course I instantly responded as reviewing products is one of my favourite things to do as a blogger! I was delighted to find I was one of the lucky few, out of the many may bloggers she said responded, to be chosen to review a piece of jewellery.
A couple of weeks ago a parcel popped through my letterbox and I was very pleased to have been sent a gorgeous gold bracelet with two charms on, a snake and a star. Beautiful, I immediately put it on and opened my other present. It turned out to be an adorable blue pencil case with a scotty dog design on! Amazing!! I instantly loved it!

Pencil case/make-up brush travel case.

 I love the design of the slim pencil case. It features a hardy zipper along with a small leather strap which you can use as a carry handle. You could use it as it is designed to be, a pencil case, but for me (and I'm sure a lot of my readers!) I'll use it to store my make-up brushes! It is the perfect size to be used when travelling and is big enough to fit in my Real Technique brushes! Brilliant! The design is adorable, I love anything that comes with either a dog or a horse on it as they are my 2 favourite animals and this being blue too, it's like it was made for me! =) The inside is made from a material which is wipe-clean which is so important when you're dealing with make-up brushes as your foundation/powder could easily rub off onto it after use. You could easily also use it to put in your mascara, concealer, small perfume bottle (a Travelo would fit perfectly!), a lippie/lip-liner and maybe even a nail polish! Very handy if you have a small amount of space but want to ensure you have everything you need!! Although I do feel that you would have to be VERY strict with your make-up routine if this was the case!!


Gold Bracelet with charms.

This gold, flexible bracelet features a small snake like designed charm with small diamontes, making it stand out against all the gold. Beside it sits a small star charm. Together they look beautiful. The charms are attached to a singlular circular bead which easily moves around the bracelet, allowing complete freedom over the movement and placement of the charms. There is no way to take the charms off the bracelet however, but this provides security over the bead becoming loose and the charms falling off. What I would warn against would be not being too forceful when placing the bracelet onto your wrist. Although it is flexible, there is only a certain width that it will expand too and if you were too forceful it could break, which nobody wants!! =(
Overall I am very happy with both pieces I was sent to review and I highly recommend you check out Becky's site as she has lots of lovely pieces of jewellery as well as lot of other practical pieces! Let me know if you pick anything I'd love to know!! I may see you there! >.< xoxo




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