'Meet The Blogger' Series - Interview 13

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

I have decided to start a new series here on Sunshine Sarahxo after meeting so many lovely bloggers on Twitter I would like to get to know them. So I am going to try to recruit as many as I can as I think everyone deserves a chance to be in the spotlight. =) 
Q1: Hello there, nice to have you here on Sunshine Sarahxo! Please could you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your Blog: 
My name is Ese, i am an Accounting and Finance graduate, I have been obsessed with blogging for the longest time. When this opportunity came along I knew it was the right time. The content of my blog is based on different areas of my life be it love, happiness, religion, friendships, fashion, relationships food and a little heart-to-heart, lifestyle in a nutshell. 

Q2: At what point did you decide to make a Blog and share it with the world?? 

On the 25th of July 2015 I decided to put up my Lifestyle Blog, not knowing what to expect.

Q3: How would you describe your writing style? Has it changed over time at all? 

I write exactly how i think, but i am still trying to improve my writing style to make it more formal. 

Q4: Was there anyone in particular who inspired you? Which Bloggers do you emulate? 

The blogger that inspired me was Gracie Francesca (the ugly face of beauty)

Q5: Do you have anything in the pipeline on the Blog which you are particularly excited about?!

Apart from writing my fabulous post nothing yet in the pipeline. I’m sure there are loads I’m just not aware of it yet.  

Q6: Does anyone else know about your Blog? What do they think about it?? 

Yes other people know about my blog (i promise not just my family members). They tend to like my honesty. 

Q7: Are you obsessed with Lush!?!? If YES what is your favourite product?!

To be honest I haven’t tried any products from Lush yet. May be somewhere along the way i will.

Q8: Has your Blog helped you in other areas of life?! 
Since I have been blogging more consistently I have become a lot more social (I mean here I am answering these questions) and my confidence has grown a lot. 

Q9: What is it that makes you so fabulous?! 
My sense of humour I suppose.. (it took me like 20 mins to answer this particular question). 

Q10: Finally, can you recommened anything to us today!? (Skincare/Beauty/Tv Show/DVD/Music/Food Item...anything!)


Skincare- Boots Glycerine and Rosewater toner

Instagram- Esejantablog

So that concludes our 'Meet the Blogger' for today! Thank You So Much for taking the time to answer these questions today, much appreciated! 

Please take the time to check out the blog/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram etc, be sure to leave a comment saying you found them via Sunshine Sarahxo! Thank You!! 

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