Minty Coco Oil Pulling - An Honest Review.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Minty Coco Oil Pulling Honest Review.
A while ago I was successful in applying to review oil pulling from minty coco, via TypeTheHype. I was intrigued to try it as I have heard of oil pulling but never tried it!

I was sent a 2 week supply of 14 sachets. MintyCoco have taken oil pulling to another level by adding peppermint to coconut oil to make the flavour palatable. They are designed to eliminate bad bacteria and stains from your teeth for an all round healthier mouth! Can't argue with that!

MintyCoco say:
"Using our unique Vitalock system to extract the coconut oil from organically grown Sri Lankan coconuts, we have created the world's most advanced and most delicious oil pulling formula
with a soft peppermint flavour for long lasting freshness..."  

Even though I don't like coconut I was willing to by-pass that and give them a go, because coconut oil is solid at room temperature you have to ensure the sachets are completely liquid before using them. All you have to do is swish it around your mouth for 5-15 minutes, then spit it out into the bin and brush afterwards! Simples! 

MintyCoco Oil Pulling system is designed to act like a fresh peppermint mouthwash, getting rid of bacteria and fungi that linger in between teeth and could cause problems if absorbed into the bloodstream. It is designed to be used first thing in the morning before flossing/brushing as this could dislodge those pesky bacteria before you've had a chance to protect your mouth. If at first you find a full sachet too much, just use half and remember to fold over the top and stand it upright ready for next use.

Ideally, MintyCoco suggest that you swish for up to 15 minutes but don't worry if you can't manage that to begin with. Start with 5 and see how you get on. I know I need to build up the length I oil pull for but everyone's different and you might find you can go straight through!


Right, I am going to be honest here and say that I tried twice and gave up. despite seeing obvious changes in the whiteness of my teeth. I just could not get over the icky-ness of the coconut texture combined with trying to get it to liquid before using. Maybe I failed somewhere along the route but I have to say my first impressions have put me right off and I'm not sure if I'll be continuing with the course. I know I'm supposed to love it and give this a glowing review but I aim to be honest in all of my posts, whether I've paid for the product in question or not. After that first use I did see a visible difference in the whiteness of my teeth, I just can't get over it. Maybe I'll have to hold the sachet under the hot tap to ensure it goes COMPLETELY liquid then try again. If I do I shall let you know how I get on.

I have to admit though that I think the service MintyCoco provide is a really great one. It is very convenient to receive a 2 week supply of sachets through the mail. Each sachet has an easy tear opening and it comes with a handy instruction leaflet so you understand how it works. If you are in the market for trying a new way to get fresher breath and whiter teeth, then for that I would recommend MintyCoco. It's just a personal thing that I couldn't do it without gagging. I'm sure you would get on better with it than me if you were to try it. Maybe in another week or so I'll be prepared to give them another try and perhaps this time I'll get on better with them, but for now I'll stick to my mouthwash and teeth whitening strips!
Thanks so much to Type The Hype and MintyCoco for giving me the chance to review this product. Sometimes you have to try something you're unsure of to see whether you like it or not. I'm pleased I had the chance to try it and that I've still got some left so that I can re-try it and perhaps write a different review in the future. 
I hope I've not put you off from trying this oil pulling system out as I'd hate for anyone to be put off by reading this honest review. Let me know if you try it and if you get on with it or not. I'd love to know! Maybe you HAVE tried it and can give me some tips - I'd love some!!!
*I received these in exchange for my review but as always my opinion is 100% honest!

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