#SmallBiz Series Part 6 Featuring Heavenly Marshmallows #Review

Saturday, 19 March 2016

#SmallBiz Series

Hello there! I have decided to start another new series on my Blog, this time focussing on small businesses. Being a blogger I am regularly put in touch with owners of small businesses and it is something I really do enjoy! Whether it be reviewing a product, service or finding a new company which sells fashion at an affordable price, there are often small teams of people behind it, plugging away, putting in the late nights and the early mornings trying everything to make a success out of their little business. I do feel, that as bloggers we owe some responsibility to them as more and more of them are turning to Twitter and bloggers alike to promote themselves. Plus, I think it's fun being one of only a handful of bloggers lucky enough to discover a burgeoning business and getting to trial some of their products! Or is that just me!?

I have found all of the business I'll be featuring on Twitter, under the hashtag #smallbiz! This is Part 6, go and read Part 1 Part 2, Part 3 Part 4 & Part 5 & Forever Memory Bears Feature too!
So if you like finding new places to buy fashion, beauty or a present for your loved one, sit back, grab a cuppa and read on!

Today I am oh so happy to bring you Heavenly Marshmallows.....I don't think I have I have ever had the pleasure of putting anything so light, fluffy and ever so tasty into my mouth....these are by far THE BEST marshmallows I have ever tasted. Sarah kindly sent me out a small package of 6 of her amazing marshmallows to try for this post and I'm so pleased she did!! DELICOUS!

The flavours I had the chance to taste were Liquorice, Mango + Passionfruit, Choco MInt, Lemon Meringue, Vanilla and Chocolate. I don't think I have ever tasted marshmallows in any of these flavours before so it was intriguing to me to see how I'd find them. I needn't have worried.......tasting each of these was just like eating a little piece of heaven. So light and fluffy, you can easily finish off a whole bag without the 'I've eaten too much' guilt that so often happens!

They came all safe inside a little box which fitted through my letter box so no worries about getting one of those dreaded red cards from the postman! It came with an ingredients list which is so handy nowadays as there's always someone with an allergy or an intolerance to something! This clearly sets out what is in each marshmallow and if they'd be suitable for vegetarians or not.

Behind the scenes:

Sarah started the business when she wanted to give her Grandad a different cake from the usual for his birthday. She made him 70 marshmallows placing candles here and there and then she couldn't stop making them! Heavenly Marshmallow was born!

Sarah makes them all herself and can make any flavour you decide upon! Using only natural ingredients they do not contain any colourings, preservatives, artificial flavourings, gluten, nuts, wheat (flavour dependant). They really are suitable for everyone, except vegetarians as the mallows themselves are made with powdered beef gelatine.


Liquorice - this was the first one out of the pack for me and unfortunately because my cold was so bad I couldn't taste it all that well but the consistency was very light and fluffy.

Mango and Passionfruit - I will describe this one as akin to eating a Solero ice cream. Soft silky mango with a hint of Passionfruit tang. Delicious. I went straight to heaven after eating this one. >.<

Lemon Meringue - when I say this is just like eating a lemon meringue pie please believe me. Upon taking the first bite I was instantly transported to being a small child and eating this as a treat when eating out. I could taste everything from the pie filling to the meringue on the top. AAhhh..............

Choc Mint - This had a lovely chocolate decoration on the top of it and it tasted delightfully like an Aero or an After Eight Mint or anything minty. Heaven.

Chocolate - Made with Bourneville plain chocolate I knew this would be one tasty mouthful and I was not disappointed!! Absolutely delicious with pieces of Bourneville within the mallow itself.

Vanilla - A pillowly cloud of vanillary goodness this square tasted like it had been made with the purest vanilla. I sometimes think that vanilla is a 'boring' flavour but this has changed my mind. So delightfully smooth and just like a vanilla pod wrapped up in a marshmallow!


A box of 12 costs £10 and comes beautifully wrapped in a gift box with a matt gold base, transparent lid all tied up with a beautiful brown ribbon! Who doesn't like pretty packages all tied up with string?!

Delivery is normally 2-3 days from dispatch and is handled by Royal Mail. Contact Sarah if you need your fix for a particular date.

You can choose to have a box of the same flavour or a choice of 3. As they are all natural they should be eaten with 12 days. I'm sure none of you will have that problem as they are all incredibly delicious and completely irresistible!!

My thoughts:

I absolutely LOVED tasting these 'Heavenly Marshmallows' and I adore the name because, quite simply, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven after eating them!! >.< So unbelievably light and fluffy, like nothing I have ever tasted before. I'm only used to eating those 'flumps' type marshmallows but these are so superior in everything from taste, flavour, texture that I will never go back!!! I urge you to try some for yourself and come with me to marshmallow heaven. I'm Sarah can make you a flavour you will love too, just ask!!

I hope you've enjoyed finding out more about Heavenly Marshmallows....I for one cannot wait to get my hands on more!!!! Thanks, Sarah!!!

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