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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Something incredible happened to me today and I'd like to take a moment just sit right there I'll tell you all about how I became a Coconut Lane Ambassador!!! (100points if you know the originality of that rap!!)

It all started whilst browsing the Coconut Lane website one lonesome Friday night and I came across this:


 I was intrigued as I've recently come across Coconut Lane via Twitter and I'm always interested in working with new brands/companies! So I clicked on the link and discovered they were wanting more bloggers to work with! Amazing!! All I had to do was fill in the form giving my name, email address, Blog URL, Twitter and Instagram links and hit Send! Simples!!

So imagine my delight upon opening my emails to find one from the lovely Charlotte saying that she'd checked out my social media/blog and LOVES what I'm about and think I'd be a perfect fit for their team of Coconut Queens!!! >.< EEEKK!!! I could NOT have been more excited!!! (In fact, I still AM!!!! aha!!!!!) Things like this often don't happen to me and I was half expecting them to come back with the usual, "We've checked you out but don't think you're right for this at the moment.... Blah blah blah...."


Not going to lie, it felt a little like my Birthday when I received that email!!! aha!!! >.<
So Sarah, what exactly is involved in being a Coconut Queen!?!? Well, let me tell you!

 Coconut Queen Benefits ! ! !

- 50% OFF anything and everything on their site all year round! Perfect for picking up last minute gifts!!
- Regular discounts and free gift opportunities from partner brands
- The opportunity to earn money with their very generous 25% commission rates!! >.< #incredible

Find Me Here!

I mean, have you SEEN their awesome shop!?!!? Full of funky wall art like the one above, as well quirky phone cases, jewellery, accessories and clothing! 

I'm here!
I'm still very excited to be a Coconut Queen!! Thanks Charlotte for emailing me back this morning to tell me the good news. I really do appreciate it as it must be tricky finding the right fit of bloggers to work with!

She very kindly and generously set up a code for me to pass onto you, yes you, reading this right now, can also take advantage of me being a Queen! I'm allowing my subjects to get 20% off at the checkout with my very own code:


You can thank me later!! (No, actually do thank me, because that's just manners, right?!!?! >.<)

*Please be aware that by using my code I will earn a small commission from every sale.*

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